Everything on Android​ Enterprise & How to setup on any phone

Android Enterprise

It is quite common among companies to provide the employees with a separate work phone. It is limited to use from other personal needs. Even in 2018, the things have not changed. However, it is time to forget the companies’ old policy for separate work phones. What if you could combine a separate work profile on your daily gear itself? The Android Enterprise service by the Google aims at the companies that need separate phones for their employees. Find out Everything on Android Enterprise in this post.

Currently, the service with almost every features is out for the try. Here is the entire info regarding the Android Enterprise.

Everything on Android Enterprise

It integrates the typical Android smartphone with the capability to act as work smartphone. Additionally, the company IT administrators can control that. It enables them to restrict the smartphone usage accessibility for individual employees. The smartphones can be either business only, personally enabled or the single-use device.

Android Enterprise Features

Here are the top features of the Android Enterprise by Google’s parent company Alphabets Inc.

Work with any smartphone

The Android Enterprise is available to enable on any smartphone running Android Operating System. The setup is made easier and safer with the device that has Android 8.0 Oreo on board. However, the company has also released a list of compatible smartphones. They offer better security and compatibility with the Android Enterprise service. The list includes flagship phones from Google, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, etc.

Powerful Security

Apart from the usual security, the Android Enterprise enabled smartphones to come with extra layers of security to protect your data from leaks. Moreover, the devices are protected with Play Protection for secured apps. The management APIs provided to managers will allow them to control it. The controls include security issues and permissions to the smartphone. It will save a lot regarding ensuring security & privacy.

Easy Management

The Android Enterprise allows users to manage multiple devices remotely. As each of the smartphones can have different rules, you can make the distinction between corporate and employee-owned devices.

Everything on Android​ Enterprise

Easy Setup

Google offers a zero touch setup to enable the Android Enterprise on smartphones. Any smartphones that run Android 6.0 or higher can have the work profiles aside from the normal user profiles.

How to setup Android Enterprise

If you represent an enterprise and want to control your employees, here is the solution. You can use the Android Enterprise. It lets you control the smartphone usage, access to the devices that connected with your Enterprise policy. The complete package is available for devices that meet the eligibility criteria, at the OEM-level. Here are some of the rules that Android Enterprise requires.

  1. Android security patch delivery within 90 days of release.
  2. User profile management.
  3. Availability of zero-touch enrollment.
  4. Multi-user support.

To use the Mobile Management using Enterprise, you need a G Suite account associated with your company domain. All the devices must log in to their work email. After setting up the employee devices, you can control them from the admin console. Here is how.

  1. Log in to the admin.google.com.
  2. Device management > Setup > Android App Management.
  3. Click on Enable Android App Management.

You can now control the employee smartphones that are in work profile. It is also possible to control whichever the apps and services employees can use. Learn more about it here.

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