Find Out More About Certbolt Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification

The cloud Amazontechnologies have brought remarkable changes in how data in organizations is handled. Thus, solutions architects are the most looked for individuals as their skills are needed when creating solutions within the cloud structure.

That’s why you can find detailed information about the relevant AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification below. Read on and discover its particulars like the intended audience, requisite skills, associated exam, and more.

Who Is the Certification Intended for?

The CertboltAWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate involves the professional skillset of solutions architects. These individuals usually should have at least one year of accumulated hands-on contact with the creation of available distributed systems to be hosted on AWS.

What Experience Should You Have?

Practical experience is a basic requirement when wishing to search for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate certificate. Thus, it is recommended that before starting the accreditation journey, the candidate should possess:

  • Practical encounter with AWS services for computing, management, storage, networking, and database
  • Capacities in identifying and defining technical demands aimed at solutions concerning AWS technologies
  • Capabilities in pointing out the CertboltAWS services that agree with a particular technical requirement
  • Comprehension regarding best practices that target the development of properly architected solutions within the structure of CertboltAWS
  • Comprehending of network technologies andCertboltAWS global infrastructure
  • Awareness of security services in addition to tools and features for AWS related to Amazon AWS Certification Exam

What Skills Does the Certificate Validate?

The certificate, which is the result of managing well in the SAA-C02 certification exam, is into checking for capacities in creating robust solutions with the usage of the technologies extended by AWS. In other words, it validates the following:

  • Creating effective solutions using the principles of architectural design according to the client’s requirements
  • Provide the organization with implementation guidance throughout the workload’s life process

What Topics Does the Certification Focus On?

Preparation for the CertboltAWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate evaluation begins with a deep review of its targeted test areas. The four topics of focus include how to create resilient infrastructures, high-performing infrastructures, and applications in addition to architectures that conform to security requirements. You should understand that each of these domains consists of topics and subtopics that form the basis of the final test questions. And how you master them will be seen when you take the exam and in how you perform.

What Will the Certification Exam Entail?

The evaluation for the AWS Certification Exam Questions– Associate accreditation will carry 65 questions, which could be MCQs or those needing multiple responses. Meanwhile, you will have 2 hours 10 minutes to accomplish them. Remember that the process concerning registration involves a fee of $150 for each applicant.

However, it’s important to note that the results should start from 720 points for someone to secure the AWS certificate.


As a result, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate is what all aspiring solutions architects need. When you know what it entails and has the appropriate backup such as training, materials for practicing, and guide books, you will manage to excel at the final exam. Thus, begin with it today by enrolling and keep working hard until you hold it in your hands!

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