How to Find Trendy YouTube Videos on Twitter?


YouTube hosts tons of videos and videos are organized under different categories such as  fun, entertainment, sports, music and many more. Even social networking websites like Twitter, and Facebook allows users to share YouTube videos as tweets and status updates.

That said, it is difficult to find trending videos on the Twitter manually. Moreover, I must say it is impossible to find trending videos revolving around Twitter manually. However, there are three websites that let you find trending videos on Twitter.

 Twit TV


Twit TV plays trending YouTube videos to Twitter automatically. The website readily plays videos soon you get an access to it. In TwitTV, the trending YouTube videos are categorized based on Twitter hash tags.

You can watch trending videos from different geographical locations. On the left side of the website you are required to choose location to play videos that you find trendy.


You-Twit Unlike the above website You-Twit not only shows the current trending YouTube videos on the Twitter, but also YouTube videos that are trendy but a week or a month old.

When you navigate to the website and hit a YouTube video, it plays video right away thereby preventing you from loading new webpage to play video.


Zocial is the other website that lets you to watch trending YouTube videos on popular social network websites like Twitter, and Facebook. When you visit the website it takes you through various categories and when you choose a particular category on the home page, a slew of trending YouTube videos  for that category are displayed. However, a new page gets loaded for the selected video, ready to be played when you hit the thumbnail of the video.

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