Five best Spy Apps for Android (100% Undetectable)

Today, Android spy apps are easy to find online. Some are primarily meant for use by parents while others are designed for monitoring employees. Besides, some provide advanced spy features that make them appropriate for both.

However, not all apps guarantee your surveillance activities will be undetectable. Don’t worry, in this article, we show you 5 best spy apps for Android that guarantee you spy activities will be undetectable.


With Spyic, you can spy on virtually anything installed on the target Android device. Spyic is the most comprehensive Android spy app. It comes with over 35 spy features that provide advanced surveillance.

The app is popular among parents and business owners. To know how Spyic works, click here to learn more about Android spy app. Millions of users across the world trust and use Spyic to spy on both Android and iOS devices.

The capabilities of this spy app have been featured in media outlets such as Forbes and the New York Times. To gain a better understanding of this app, check this Spyic review.

Spyic Features

Spyic comes with multiple features that make spying any aspect of the target Android device possible. Although we can highlight all of its features, below are some of them:

  1. Location tracking

This is one of the most important features you get with this spy app. With Spyic you can spy on the whereabouts of the target Android device. It even lets you access the real-time location of the target Android device.

With Spyic, you get to access details such as location history, GPS coordinates, and Google Streetview. Also, the app lets you see the street address of where the Android device is.

Besides, it has a geofence feature that makes it easy to get a notification when the device leaves a set boundary. The feature is appropriate for monitoring employees and the movement of children.

  1. Text message and social media surveillance

With Spyic, you can spy on all text messages on the target Android device. The app even lets you access deleted text messages thanks to Spyic’s ability to archive all chats on its server.

This even allows you to spy on your target whenever you have time without concerns about missing out. Besides, Spyic can spy on social media apps on the target Android device.

Spyic can spy WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, and Snapchat. This app gives you access to posts and chats on these social media platforms. Also, it can access shared photos and videos.

  1. Keylogger feature

Thanks to this feature, Spyic allows you to capture every keystroke on the target Android device. The feature lets you access details such as login credentials the Android device user uses online.

Spyic keylogger categorizes all the keystrokes depending on the app they were made in.

Advantages of using Spyic

  1. 100% undetectable

All of the surveillance activities using Spyic take place in stealth. The app doesn’t interfere with the performance of the Android device. To avoid interference, the app uses very little system resources like memory and storage.

For instance, the Android app is 2 MB and takes less than 5 minutes to install. After installation, Spyic automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself in installed apps. This makes the app to operate in total stealth.

To use this app, you only need one-time physical access to the device. Besides, after you are done spying on the Android device, you can uninstall the app remotely in just one click. The Android device user won’t suspect.

  1. No rooting required

For Spyic to work on Android devices, there is no need to jailbreak the target device. To achieve this, the app uses cutting-edge technology. Very few Android spy apps have attained this milestone and Spyic is a pioneer.

Rooting an Android device leaves it vulnerable to malware attacks. Also, it voids the warranty on the device. Besides, the rooting process requires technical know-how otherwise you risk rendering the device unusable.

Fortunately, Spyic has made it possible to spy on Android without all the technical requirements. Also, rooting the target device raises concerns so the owner may suspect something is not right.

  1. Safe and secure

As established, Spyic doesn’t require rooting the target Android device so it ensures it is secure. Also, the app doesn’t gather data from third-party apps to store on its server. Spyic doesn’t even have access to this data.


Spyier is another Android spy app that also supports iOS devices. The app also guarantees your activities will be undetectable by the device user. Besides, it comes with features such as text message monitoring.

Also, Spyier can spy on social media apps and even streaming websites like Netflix and Youtube. Also, it has a location tracking feature. Although the app needs to be installed on the target device, it disguises itself to avoid detection.

As well, Spyier doesn’t require rooting the target Android device for the app to work. What’s more, the app is web-based which allows users to use their preferred web browser to spy on the target.


Another app that provides advanced Android spy capabilities is Minspy. The app like the other apps in this list works in stealth to avoid detection by the device user. It comes with multiple surveillance features.

For instance, it can spy on social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook among others. It even lets you access messages exchanges on these platforms. Also, it can spy on the web browser on the target device.

Better still, you can even spy on the SIM card to get notifications when it is swapped. Besides support for Android devices, Minspy is also compatible with iOS devices.


Spyine is another spy app that provides multiple features for parents and employers. The app can spy not only on Android devices but also on iOS devices. It can spy on call logs, social media apps, and other installed apps.

With Spyine, users get an Android spy app that gives them peace of mind with its stealth mode. The app doesn’t interfere with the performance of the target Android device since it uses little device resources like memory.

What’s more, it can spy on the username and password used by the device user thanks to its keylogger. So, Spyine is another comprehensive Android spy app.


Another spy app with an amazing reputation is Cocospy. The app is great for both parenting and monitoring of employees in businesses. Cocospy gives you enough features from social media surveillance to location tracking.

Besides, Cocospy is trusted by millions of users across the world. It works in stealth to avoid interfering with the performance of the device. Also, you get a keylogger feature with this spy app.


The best spy app for Android devices should deliver without compromising the target device and in stealth. Luckily, the apps listed here meet the criteria of the best spy apps. They work in stealth, do not compromise the target device, and are easy to use.