Five Typically British Games You Must Try

When it comes to sport and parlour games, nobody does it better than the Brits. They invented the likes of football, golf, and rugby, not to mention dozens more that require bats, balls, horses, and more. But what are the best, and what are the games you must try? We’ve put together our five favourite typically British games that you simply must try.


Certainly one for the summertime is cricket. The game has been adopted around the world, with the game a phenomenon in the likes of India and Australia. It’s a simple game that comes in a number of forms, but the aim of the game remains the same, to score more runs than your opposition.

The game itself dates back hundreds of years, with village cricket in the country beginning in the middle of the 17th century. That developed into county cricket and popularity continued to spread. You won’t find a park without a set of wickets set up during summer these days and it’s a game that really is fun for all the family.


While bingo was invented in Italy, it’s really Britain that has become synonymous with the game. Seaside towns are awash with bingo halls and it’s an incredibly fun game to play. In recent years there’s been a real rise in people enjoying the game, with online bingo welcoming an entirely new generation of players.

Playing online bingo is one of the best ways to enjoy the traditional British game these days, and it isn’t difficult to find an online bingo site that is trusted and safe these days with dozens of great sites licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.


Croquet has long been a popular game with the British aristocracy, but it’s perfect for any lawn and sets are relatively cheap to purchase. Another that’s more of a summer game, often enjoyed around garden parties and barbecues, the game is played by two teams with each team required to work their way around the lawn by hitting balls with a mallet through hoops. You earn points for hitting the ball through each hoop and the team with the most points at the end wins.

It’s a simple game to understand and there are many rules and strategies that can be adopted along the way. If you’re looking to play croquet, this handy guide is perfect for getting started.


Darts has grown hugely in popularity over the last decade thanks to the rise of the PDC which now holds major events across the world. Darts players like Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen are now household names, and many people try to replicate them in living rooms, bedrooms, garages, and, of course, pubs across the country.

There are many different darts players you can play. 501 is the more traditional form, with players required to work their way down to zero in the lowest number of throws, while games such as round the board and killer are also popular with more casual players.


Perfect for playing at home is marbles. A bag of marbles costs only a small amount of money and can be an incredibly fun game for all. The game is played between two teams and there is a range of different variants, although the main aim of the game is to knock opposition marbles out of a ring, essentially “killing” them. The team to kill their opposition quickest wins.

It’s a fun and quick game to play, and you don’t need any special equipment aside from a pack of marbles, with living room floors, tables, and patios ideal. To discover more about the rules of marbles, click here.