Fix Instagram crashing on your Android Smartphone

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Since several hours back, Instagram users from across the globe have started to encounter the oddly crashing issue while opening the Instagram app on Android smartphones. The problem seems to have widespread among Android smartphone in every category, from entry-level to the flagship users. Fortunately, no iOS users have reportedly started seeing such issues. If you were an Instagram addict and suddenly got out of it, you must be panic thinking if the entire Instagram server is down. Well, it is not. The issue already did hit many users across the globe, and we have some solutions that can Fix Instagram crashing on your Android Smartphone.

How to fix Instagram crashing on your Android Smartphone

As we mentioned above, the issue only persists for those who are on Android platforms like you. There are several ways you can resolve the problem permanently. Before that, let us look on to some of the cases that might cause similar issues.

The problem is not an entire server-side issue on Instagram’s side, as other platform users are able to open and browse through. Most of the users report that problem began to raise the heads after an update from Play Store. So, it is merely an update bug on the stable version of the Instagram app on Google Play Store. If you think it is your smartphone that is not able to handle the app, you are luckily wrong. The app itself is the crashing one. There can be many other reasons that could cause the similar issues.

Best Solutions to fix Instagram crash issues

  • If you just started facing the issue and still obsessed with it, open your smartphone and navigate to the Settings panel. Now, go to Apps > Instagram > Storage and tap on Clear data and clear cache. Also, force-stop the service, then open it. There is a chance the issue might get resolved in this step. If not, check next.

Fix Instagram crashing on your Android Smartphone

  • The crashing problem only happens in the stable version of the app, it seems. So, you can enroll for the Beta version for the Instagram official app on Google Play Store and install the latest Beta test version, that has reportedly no similar issues.
  • Go to any secured, assured parallel app store online and grab the previous version’s APK directly. This will roll back you to the older version, but stable.

If you see the issue and still badly wants to open the Instagram, you can use the web version. Open any browser from your smartphone and enter in the address bar. You will be able to upload photos, add or view stories and do other basic functions in the web-view, but the messaging is disabled. The Instagram Web is quite enough to keep you connected until the company rolls out another update to resolve the bug.

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