How to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously

How to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously

Instagram is one of the most popular image-sharing social platform among teenagers as well as the next marketplace for Social Media influencers because of the Story Feature. While watching someone’s Instagram stories, we will get listed o their “Watched” list”. It means there is no way to anonymously watch and download Instagram stories unless somebody sends it to via DM.

In the quest of finding ways to watch, download, and earn income on Instagram Stories anonymously, we have discovered some solutions through several third-party tools available today. Some apps are specific for iOS and some others for Android. These apps will make sure you can view Instagram stories without them knowing.

Watch Instagram stories anonymously

So we shall split up the tool list and introduce them to you. It includes iOS App, Android App, and Websites one can use on the computer.

1] iOS app to anonymously watch and download Instagram stories

Watch Instagram stories anonymously

One of the most popular and widely-used apps among the available tools for iPhone/iPad is the “Story Reposter for Instagram.”

The App is available publicly for free and has a simple, material UI. Using this app, you only have to enter the username of the person who you wish to watch the story, and hit the enter. All the stories published by the person appears on the App, and you can even Repost or Share them. The share option also allows you to save the story Image/Video locally on your iPhone or iPad.

Download Link.

2] Android apps to anonymously watch and download Instagram stories

StorySaver+ app

Unlike iOS, there are lots of Apps available for the Android platform in Google Play Store. Instagram Story viewer Apps for Android are available free but with advertisements. StorySaver+ and GhostView are few among the popular applications available in the Play Store which can download inInstagramive stories.

The StorySaver+ lets you see/watch anyone’s Instagram stories and save them for viewing later. You can also stream the Instagram Live anonymously with this tool. The app lets you download the profile pictures, posts, videos, images of any user, all without knowing anyone. It has an inbuilt Gallery feature that displays all the downloaded stories and photographs. This way you can view Instagram stories privately,

Download Link.

3] Anonymously watch and download Instagram stories on PC

Even if there are no native apps available for the PC/Mac, many website services facilitate the opportunities for viewing and sharing the Instagram stories of any user for free. All available online tools ensure you complete anonymity and privacy, as you do not even have to log in to your Instagram or any other account.

Check out these websites to watch anyone’s Instagram story without them knowing.


WeignStag website


Storiesg website

All these apps will help you view Instagram stories privately. It may come in handy for various social and personal reasons, but you should always know that respecting privacy is essential as well. Since these tools may download Instagram stories on your phone, it is in the best interest that you delete them at the end of the day.

We do not encourage you to do something wrong with it. Kindly, do not misuse this tool and tip.

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