Best Apps to Post Longer Videos to Instagram Stories (Android & iOS)

Post Longer Videos to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a collection of content shared to stories. These stories can be up to 15 seconds long and last for 24 hours. After that, they elapse automatically. Many apps allow you to post longer videos to Instagram Stories by splitting them before uploading. These apps share videos to your Instagram stories after breaking the video based on the 15-second limit. The article lists a few of these apps, along with their highlights and main features.

Best Apps to Post Longer Videos to Instagram Stories

Expressions add animations to your communication and thus make it livelier. However, if stretched, it kills the appeal. So, the more condensed they are, the better are the chances of it trending online. Instagram Stories adds this brevity.

  1. CutStory (iOS)
  2. Continual (iOS)
  3. Story Cutter (Android)
  4. Crop Video – Cut & Trim Videos (iOS)
  5. Video Splitter – Story Split (Android)
  6. Story Slicer (iOS)
  7. Storeo for Instagram Stories

You can use these apps to post long videos for instagram stories on Android and iOS

1] CutStory (iOS)

Import a video in this app and let the app do the magic. It will split any video in 10-second fragments and post them on Instagram Stories. The newer version includes many free video filters and supports multiple video formats. Besides, it adds background music to your stories and arranges them in chronological order, so you know which one was published first.

Instagram App

CutStory  | Free with in-App purchase.

2] Continual (iOS)

It’s a highly recommended app if you like to promote your business through Instagram Stories. The ingenious app imports any video from camera roll and readily splits videos to clips of 15 seconds. After that, the clips are transported to the camera roll so that you can upload them to your Instagram account and share it with the world.

Continual | Costs $7.99.

3] Story Cutter (Android)

This is the Android equivalent for posting long videos on Instagram Stories by splitting them into an appropriate size. After you download the app, you can either record a video or choose one from your gallery. Once done, you can split the video into the desired length. Currently, the free version only lets you go as high as 10 seconds. After adding the first video to your story, long-press on your profile picture to add to your story, much quicker.

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Story Cutter | Free with In-App Purchases

4] Crop Video – Cut & Trim Videos (iOS)

This user-friendly app lets you create videos that stand out from the crowd! Using this app, you can crop, split, trim, and even add music to the videos and share them on Instagram. You can have multiple 15 seconds videos.

Crop Video | Free with In-App Purchases

5] Video Splitter – Story Split (Android)

Based on the time duration you set for the time limit, you can configure the app to upload your video to Instagram Stories. When you upload your clips, you will observe they all transition smoothly.

The best part is the app is free, so you don’t have to pay any premium to use it. Also, you can split it into many pieces; it doesn’t have a limit. The only factor that counts as a shortfall is that the split clips appear randomly inside the gallery. As such, you have to reorder them before uploading them to the stories.

Video Splitter | Free with advertisements.

6] Story Slicer (iOS) for longer videos on Instagram

With Story Slicer at your hand, you can quickly get around video length limitations and post videos older than 24 hours on Instagram Stories. All you must do is get the app and with just a couple taps on your phone, slice the video into the desired length and save it to your Camera Roll.

Story Slicer | Costs $ 1.99 with no watermarks and advertisement.

7] Storeo for Instagram Stories

Storeo offers one of the unique ways of creating fun and engaging Instagram Stories. Using it, you can capture video directly with the app and convert it into 15-second snippets that can be updated in the correct order to Instagram Stories. It also adds the ability to pre-record your story to get everything right. Its camera is now equipped with automatic video stabilization feature!

Make Instagram Stories longer

Storeo | Free with In-App Purchases

As we know, brevity is the soul of the wit. However, it’s a rare quality to witness in this age of data overload. The apps listed above can help you to create better Instagram Stories with trendy face filters, cool stickers, and even GIFs.

Instagram Stories are an excellent way to share your own story, and with these apps, you will be able to post longer videos to Instagram stories, which everyone can watch one after the other.

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