Four Phone Tips For All Ages

Whether you’re a teenager, reaching retirement age, or anywhere in between – you most likely have a smartphone of some kind at this point in time. But with new apps coming out all the time and software constantly going through updates, it’s not always easy to keep up with the changes and know how to properly use your phone. There are many things your phone can do or may be able to help you with that you probably aren’t even aware of, and there may also be things you’re using it for but shouldn’t be. Here are 5 phone tips for people of all ages.

Limit Your Screen Time

You’ve probably heard of people limiting their kid’s screen time, or maybe as a parent you have even tried it out yourself. But it’s actually important to limit your screen time no matter how old you are. This is especially true at night, as too much blue light exposure can make it really difficult for you to fall asleep. Try not looking at your phone (or tablet or computer) for at least an hour before you go to bed and see if it has positive effects on your sleep. Limiting screen time can also help you to be more present as a parent, spouse, worker, and friend.

Put A Case On It

Though smartphones these days are quite costly little pieces of equipment, they are also extremely fragile and can break easily. They make phone cases in just about every color and style, so you should easily be able to find one you like that fits your phone and will do a great job of protecting it the next time you drop it, which will inevitably happen at some point.

Don’t Forget Your Charger

Even if you fancy yourself someone that doesn’t care too much about their phone and you feel that you can easily live without it if it were to die, in this day and age it is smart to always keep your phone charged or have a spare charger with you. Your phone may be the only way your employer, friends, or family can reach you and in case of emergency, you should make sure that you are always reachable, even if you aren’t completely attached to your phone.

Install Updates

All smartphones go through issues sometimes where they don’t seem to be working well. This is quite common when a phone hasn’t been updated and is due. If you notice that a new update is available, install it. This way you will avoid any potential bugs that could pop up. 

Phone tips aren’t just for those who are new to the technology – they can benefit everyone! Hopefully, you learned something helpful here.