How to Find Old Deleted Photos on iPhone (3 Methods)

Have you deleted a couple of photos recently, or are you looking for the long-forgotten and erased pictures? This can seem like a catastrophe, but both standard and externally sourced tools can do it in no time. So, how to recover recently deleted photos from an iPhone?

For most cases, you will need to have a backup made in advance to restore the files kept on your iPhone. But not everything is that difficult. Read on to find out how these methods can help.

Through the backup of iCloud

Now, what if your photos are removed from the Recently deleted folder forever? In this case, use a backup option. For this, you will need to choose from the backup options the one that is most likely to contain the file.

We recommend you to have a number of backups since, in this case, you will be able to choose the most relevant of them without restoring the old version with all its text messages and tons of other irrelevant data. Here is how to turn backup on and off.

Still, follow these steps if you want no losses during the backup restoration.

Step 1. Create a backup of the current phone storage.

This is in case if something goes wrong – at least, you will go back to the same configuration and not lose even more photos.

Step 2. Do factory settings reset.

Then, choose the backup version close enough for it to contain the desired photo. For more details, read the article on restoring data from iPhone’s backup.

Step 3. When the recovery is through, check if files are there.

If not, repeat the operation of restoring with another iCloud backup version.

But what if you didn’t like the previous idea about getting a whole lot of files from your previous versions of iCloud? Use backups by Dropbox. This method will let you create backups exclusively for photos. So, it will be quite independent of iCloud and iTunes.

Just get Dropbox on your iOS device, and independent backups of photos will be created in the background mode so you won’t even have to do anything. The only inconvenience is that such a backup should be created in advance before the photo is lost.

With top iPhone recovery software

Tools such as Stellar or Disk Drill are already more powerful and professional data restorers. Disk Drill is paid software, but its results make it worth every cent as it provides many data recovery opportunities.

With an example of Disk Drill iPhone recovery software, here is how to restore files on an iPhone.

  • Download Disk Drill on Mac and connect your iPhone to Mac.
  • Launch scanning process.
  • Preview the files found by the program and choose the right one.

These 3 simple steps will get you closer to getting erased photos back on your iPhone. But most importantly, Disk Drill stands out as the tool allowing users to recover photos, which were deleted long ago.

Via the recently deleted folder on iPhone

This is the simplest way involving the same folder that we call Recycle bin on the desktop. This place stores all photos for 30 days and deletes them all on the 31st day, so it means you can restore some of them by opening the Photos, finding the Recently deleted among all your folders, and just choosing the picture you want to restore and pressing ‘Recover.’

As you see, there is nothing impossible, not even getting an old deleted photo back to your iPhone if you have the right tools.