Four useful apps to help you stay organized

Technology has been affecting our lives a lot in the past several years. The systems we use for keeping track of our work do a really good job. However, our daily tasks can become overwhelming, regardless of the job we do. When things get a little bit out of hand, it is easy for important stuff to fall through the cracks. This becomes obvious on days when you are buried in work and notifications from different platforms come knocking at your door.

Luckily, technology acts as a rescuer once again and offers you software, systems, and apps to help you get out of the crisis. If you are dealing with any land-based business, software pieces like Xero inventory management can be quite helpful.

Moreover, you can find appropriate apps for almost any sphere of business these days. But most often, people need an app that will help them get organized. For this reason, we present you four apps that will do just that.


For all of you who can’t live without your to-do list but don’t like carrying a pen and paper with you, there is a to-do list in the electronic form. The Todoist app with its user-friendly interface enables you to create, manage, and store all your tasks in a few quick clicks.

There is an option to categorize all your tasks according to their nature. You can have your responsibilities listed under Work, Home, Personal, or any other category you find necessary.

The app is designed in such a way that all your tasks go directly to your Task Inbox. From there, you can line them up according to priority or group them as you see fit.

Finally, you can sync the list on all your devices — phone, laptop, tablet, and even desktop computer. By doing this, you will never forget to finish any task ever again.

If your inbox is full of unnecessary spam emails that prevent you from noticing important messages, is an email app that will help you unsubscribe from all that junk.

Apart from that, has a feature called Round-Up that incorporates all your subscriptions into a single email. This way, you can immediately decide what your priorities are and manage all your emails for the day in a single step.

The Pocket

The Pocket is just what its name suggests — a pocket where you can save every image, article, or video you find online and might need later. For these things, we usually use bookmarks. Yet, once your bookmark bar gets filled, everything becomes a bit messy.

With The Pocket, you will have it all sorted out, stored, and saved. Furthermore, all the media you have in The Pocket will be one click away from any platform you would like to share it on.

Now you will finally watch all those educational videos you saved for later and then lost forever.


Asana is a mobile project management app that will handle all your business tasks, including your co-worker’s portion of the work. With this app, you can always have an overview of the progress of your work, as it syncs on all your devices.

Moreover, you can keep up with all your work assignments no matter where you are, as Asana also works in offline mode.

Asana contains to-do lists, projects with due dates, reminders, and requests, as well as all your ideas that haven’t materialized yet. You can sort it all out on a board or use a list to follow the development of every project.

Imagine this app as your office in which you keep all the vital files for your business. Also, there’s an option to monitor the work of your employees and leave suggestions, comments, instructions, or ask questions, just like you would in a land-based office.