Four Ways to Create Content Your Audience Will Enjoy

During the pandemic, many of us were left with a lot of extra time on our hands, wondering how to best dedicate it, without just sitting around staring at the walls. During that time, many people decided it’s time to get themselves into the world of content creation and gain an audience to see their projects. Whether it’s recording Tik Toks or making a podcast, many perks come with making a name for yourself in the world of social media.

While creating content, you should ensure that you have a specific audience base that you’re aiming to reach, and you’re making something that will suit their likings. You should also seek to find a niche you’re good at to gain a unique point to whatever you’re showcasing, which people will come to recognize you for.

We formed a list of the various ways to get your name out there and create content that people will want to watch.


Podcasts are a great way to start creating content, as they allow you to talk about anything without any barriers. Some of the most popular media platforms have strict rules about what you can and cannot talk about, with many controversies surrounding the fact that various outlets will take down or demonetize a video in which controversial topics are mentioned.

Podcasts, on the other hand, allow you to gain a platform where you can talk about anything and entertain people while doing so. After all, people want to hear about the juicy stuff, rather than repeating things that everyone has already mentioned.

A podcast is also an ideal way to get an audience to hear you, as it’s easy to access, and can be listened to from anywhere.

Did you ever wonder how to make a podcast and get yourself started in the industry? It’s easier than you might think, and all you need is some basic recording equipment to get started!


Vlogging is a word that was coined a few years ago, with various social media creators documenting their lives for people to watch. It’s not only a great way to capture some exciting memories, but it’s also one that will allow you to share them with a broader audience. People love to watch vlogs and see the entertainment provided by others, so it could be a great way to gain a wider audience relatively quickly.

When vlogging, make sure to create original content that will be slightly different from what’s already available. You need a unique selling point, which is why in this case, you’ll need a unique concept of what it is that you want to show and how you want to achieve that.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok made a splash during the pandemic, which resulted in many creators going viral and making a name for themselves in the short video industry. It’s not only really entertaining to watch, but it doesn’t require extensive preparation to record. From the infamous Doja Cat dance videos to new challenges being created weekly, Tik Tok is simply a place for creators to shine with their imagination and gain an audience while doing so.

As with all social media platforms, if you want to make content that will gain you an audience, you need to have an original idea that you’ll be able to recreate in a video.

Photo Sharing Platform

What you see on the Internet and what you see in real life may be significantly different from each other, but either way, photo-sharing platforms are a great way to gain an audience and create an organic traffic flow around yourself.

Photo sharing platforms such as Instagram are not only a great way to document your life and make your followers engage with you, but your activity there may soon turn into a business opportunity with you being able to promote your products and services or even get sponsorship deals. Of course, you’ll only be able to reach that next level once you amass a large enough number of followers. Such platforms will allow you to gain an organic audience and grant you a head start to the many opportunities that social media offers.

It’s essential to create content aimed at a specific target audience, whether it’s a particular gender, age group, or a distinct lifestyle that you’re trying to communicate to. That will allow your followers to feel like giving you a follow is worth it, as they’ll gain access to content that interests them and they’ll soon start interacting with it.


For many, creating content for social media pages is a lifestyle, a way of supporting themselves. With the rapid expansion of the technological world, social media presents an opportunity to create content aimed at a specific audience and make money while at it. If you’re running a business, such forms of content creation can be a great way to advertise your products and services and build a brand image for your business.

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