How to get Smart Furniture Designs to use as Storage in Kids Rooms

Kids’ rooms are full of clothes, toys, books and other items that need to be carefully organized and well looked after. Clever and accessible storage spaces and options can help a child to keep their things properly. It teaches them the importance of taking care of their things, being responsible and not losing them, and being organized. Many suggestions have been provided in this regard and include the following:-

(1) Kids’ Beds with Under-the-Bed Storage Options: The storage options are of various types including single large pullout drawers, compartmentalized large pullout drawers, multiple small pullout drawers, and open shelves. The drawers and shelves are usually fairly deep to allow for maximum storage opportunities. These are very useful for storing bed sheets, bed covers, pillow covers, blankets, and other bed linen. They can even be used to store toys and other play items used by children.

(2) Beds with Multiple Storage Options: Beds can also be combined with drawers, shelves and cupboards along with under-the-bed storage. For instance, the bed placed against the wall has a cupboard or cupboard-with-drawers-unit attached at the foot of the bed. Such a bed can also have under-the-bed storage as an additional storage option. These are used for bedding, clothes, books, toys and other items. As they are available with multiple compartments, they provide the option of categorized storage.

Another clever idea is to have floating shelves on the empty wall against which the bed is placed. This can be used for keeping storybooks that the child reads before falling asleep each night or while relaxing. This can help children get into the habit of reading and finding pleasure in doing so. As a result, their knowledge and comprehension skills can increase. The habit of reading can also curb too much television and the corresponding ill effects.

(3) Kids’ Bunk Beds with Multiple Storage Options: These can be very useful for households with more than one child. These bunk beds can come with under-the-bed storage, drawers, shelves, cupboards, and cupboard-with-drawers-units. The stairs used to connect the beds can also be hidden storage spaces. They can provide categorized storage options to store bedding, clothes, books, toys and other items separately but in one room.

(4) A Chest of Drawers that the Child Can Also Utilize as a Display Unit/Dressing Table: A chest of drawers is always useful as each drawer can be utilized as a separate storage space. But for children, the height should be the same as them so that the top is easily reachable. The top surface of the chest of drawers can be used as a display unit or a dressing table. For the former, specific items can be chosen that include things that a child is particularly fond of. For the latter, a beautiful mirror and a combination of trays, stands, and decorative boxes can be used.

(5) Study Tables Combined with Drawers and Cupboards: These help children to keep all their study-related materials including textbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils in one place. They can divide them according to frequency of use and requirement, for instance keeping pens and pencils on their desk. They can keep the other items subject-wise in drawers and cupboards, so that they remain accessible.

These options are available at many online sites including Urban Ladder. The kids bedroom furniture at Urban Ladder is obtainable in many different types, including beds/bunk beds with multiple storage options. The diverse choices available online make it easier for parents to search for the exact options they need. These options help them and their children to keep the house neat and tidy and clutter-free.

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