3 Best Google Analytics Apps for Android

Google Analytics is a Web App which helps a website owner to keep track of his website statistics. This app shows owner how his website was found by a user for his use. Once it is installed, a website’s performance is noted and number of  daily visitors are recorded.

With the help of this app Google provides necessary updates of any new ads to web owners so that they can update their site and provide extra features to visitors online. You can install and check analytics on your Android Smartphone with Google Analytics app for Android.


GAnalytics is one of the famous apps for Android users. It has many options like E-commerce, Panel, Content, Goals and Visitors. Users find the app easy to use and keep a track of each and every movement of visitors.

Ganalytics is highly compatible and therefore can be accessed on mobile phone and viewed anywhere. Website owner can note website visitors, page views, new visits, bounce rates and everything. It is supported with multi tasking unit of display along with show bar and pie chart of viewer’s number of visits.


Droid Analytics is a famous Android tool which shows count of unique visitor of day, page views, bounce rate, time on site etc. Droid displays page in graphical view and in landscape mode so that you can view page clearly and some good amount of information can be known.

Bar chart and Pie chart are famous mode of displaying information. Droid shows extra info like where these visitors come from? What are they looking for and when they visit? Apart from this, it also mentions what can be the most successful way to bring in more visitors to my site.


Even plus and minus symbolic representation are given so that user can accurately track data. In second column number of visitors per hour is given. You can compare the day’s data with previous day data and can view it in percentage format. You can even set it as homepage so that directly you can visit tool.

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