Switching web host? Seven things to follow when its time to Switch

switching web host

There might be several reasons for shifting to a new web hosting company. In this post, we are sharing essential tips. Keep these tips in your mind when switching web host.

Guide: Seven things to follow while switching web host

Most common reasons among them include Customer Support Services or features in the current package. Apart from there, there are a lot of other things which one need to take into consideration while moving to a new host.

1] Domains allowed

Make sure to ask your host if you can host multiple domains in the same package. Some packages only allow one website, while some offer unlimited. Make sure to choose a package which not only fits your existing list but can have scope to expand at least by one domain. You can choose the required package which suits your pricing and addon domain facilities.

2] Web Space or Storage Space

The Web space is always a crucial part to look on while moving from one host to another. If you ran out of storage space with your previous host, you already know your limit. It is a good idea to get at least triple or four times the storage space. It will make sure its future proof. As you increase in size, the backup size will also increase.

As an example, if your Blog/Website is currently using 50GB space, then you should be looking for a package which consists of web space somewhere between 200 GB to 300 GB. The additional GBs will come in handy for backups.

3] Bandwidth

The bandwidth of a website is determined by the number of times visitors open a website or blog. As your traffic increase, the requirement for bandwidth also increases. Make sure to anticipate your business growth, and choose bandwidth accordingly.

4] File Upload Limit

It refers to the uploading speed and limits on the upload size. Most of the time, the web hosting company limits the size of the file. Make sure to know what is your exact requirement, and if the host provides it.

5] Customer Support

In recent times this has become the major issue for customers to move from one host to another host. Make sure to find out the reputation of the host on the social network. I am sure people will have experience with them, and they can give you insight, and if their support is fast.

Some hosts can even transfer your website from old to new. Make sure to ask for it. If you were using CPanel, many hosts offer this service.

6] Scripts

Webmaster and Bloggers often require to run scripts. Some web hosts restrict scripts. If you need to use scripts on a regular basis, make sure to consult with the host about it.

7] Operating System

It is the most critical phase of shifting web host. There are two types of web host services available. Windows Web hosting and Linux Web hosting. There might be no difference if you are moving your website from one operating system to another.

But there could lead to a big problem if your website was created by additional language support like .NET, PHP, etc. So knowing the operating system is a crucial part of transferring your web services.

I hope these tips would surely make you perfect in choosing the web hosting company. I am sure there are many more tips, these are some of the most important ones. Often webmasters neglect these things and end up looking for new web host always again and again.

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