7 Steps to become a Successful Blogger

Successful Blogger

Blogging is an art where an individual post his/her regular entries, commentary, descriptions, etc. on something which is a type of website or a part of a site called Blog. Blogging is a place for interaction; hence visitors are must for any blogger to become a successful and professional person. Blogging also means exposure to your suggestions and thinking. It has always been the best place to expose your knowledge and talent.

7 Steps to become a Successful Blogger

Blogging gives so much exposure that you even, can be a brand for the whole world or you could be an inspiration for the rest of the bloggers along with new blogger entering into this field. While becoming a blogger is easy but holding back till the end is very much complicated, and most bloggers get stuck in this area where they are not looking forward to making their blog a brand and quickly get out of this field.

Blogging seems to be exciting and fun at the very beginning, but later on, it might haunt you because of absence in response (traffic) on your entries which was the result of your hard work. The presence of so many blogs makes it competitive and challenging to create a different, attractive blog which is engaged with visitors and their comments. The primary goal of every blogger apart from this is to be at the top in the list of “search engine optimization.” Here are a few tips to improve your blog –

Narrative post titles

Titles of the post play an essential role in increasing the site traffic. It also helps to strengthen the position in search engine optimization. Hence pay attention and importance towards the title as much as the content it in. A title should be clean, could be tricky and sound to attract visitors. All post Titles should be chosen in such a way that it places all keywords of the post in it. That’s one place is where many bloggers are currently working hard.

Tip: SEO title and Post Title can be different. Do not get overwhelmed to add all possible keyword in the post. Find the right balance.

Selection of Right Niche

A blogger should try new things and should be assured of the “niche selection.” If the topic is not that relevant or interesting (of no-use), then you will find difficulty in writing on the subject. It will also result will less in less number of visitors and response. You can even start with a personal Blog until unless you find a niche perfect for you to step on. Finding the slot which has a lot of searches will make the blog to grow as fast as possible.

Inbound links and Keywords

Include keywords in the body of your post, particularly at the beginning of the post. It will help you to improve the position in the search engine. You can use Google AdWord Keyword Tool.

Inbound links are not under your control. However, you can work in link-building with guest posts, and ask fellow bloggers to link from time to time. It is always a good idea to return the favor as well.

If you will write regularly and create the right place in the blogging community, then chances for inbound links will increase.

A purpose for writing a blog

Blogging is a place to work with patience and efforts. People step into this field admiring other successful bloggers without realizing their efforts and their hard work for making it a success. They misunderstand that they can earn well from day one. It is this misconception which results in too many affiliate links and advertisements. It is best to avoid them in the initial phase. Therefore, your first aim should be to promote the blog and work hard, and then you can aim for a profit through it.

What not to do

You should not get personal in your post; this can become a reason for losing our visitors. People hardly know the private lives of their neighbors, so your visitors will never be interested in your personals. Sharing your experience and knowledge which can be helpful to the world is different from your personal. E.g., Sharing a solution related to any internet query is different from sharing your experience with your puppy. It is the most important, and to be learned by every blogger.

Beyond writing

Blogs with just text in and around will be quite dull and unattractive. So beyond writing include some attractive elements like images related to your post along with some interactive features like multimedia content and some charts and graphs. You may find it difficult, but trust me if you work towards it, it pays off. One can also use blocks and bold quotes, bullets, and points to make blog readers interesting while reading your blog post.

Stick with it

Make sure to give time to anything you do and want to grow. Stick with writing, enhance and improve the skills. Use professional tools to develop. Learn how trends change on the internet, promote your website design from time to time. It takes time, and you should give it.