How AI Technology can Improve Horse Racing Results

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world that dates back to ancient Greece at the Olympic games. Over the years it grew in popularity and became one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting.

Technology plays a huge role in horse racing and it shaped the sport into what it is today. Now horse racing events are globally broadcasted, making them more available for the fans, organizers use technologies to have more accurate timings, and we can use technology for predicting results.

If we look at the sport just 10 years ago, we can see a huge improvement in every aspect thanks to technology, and this trend will continue in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular technologies that everyone is trying to adapt and it holds unquantifiable potential for all industries around the world. It will definitely find its use in the horse racing industry, so let’s find out what we can expect.

AI For Improving Horse Care

Artificial Intelligence will improve horse care which is a huge part of the sport. Having a program that can accurately scan the horses’ current state and potential health risks can be a huge help for trainers.

Basically, AI technologies will use huge piles of data from horse health issues from all over the world and find a pattern that will help trainers predict potential health issues before they even occur.

This technology will have a profound impact on horses around the world in the future.

AI Can Improve Horse Racing Result Predictions

Artificial Intelligence heavily relies on data. Basically, this technology can analyze a huge pile of data in minutes and come up with a pattern that considers multiple variables.

With that said, AI can find its use when it comes to predicting horse racing results.

Thanks to a huge amount of data, horse racing fans can find horses that have a greater potential to win. In the future, AI will use the results from previous races such as in what conditions horses perform best, timings, and trainers that will come down to more accurately predicted results.

The main issue is that horse racing results rely on many conditions making it harder for the software to find a pattern. For example, a horse might perform well on a dirt surface, but the weather conditions and tiredness from previous races can lead to a worse result on an upcoming race.

With that said, we’ve seen how artificial intelligence predicts the outcome of many big events such as the Oscars, Super Bowl, and even the Kentucky Derby back in 2016.

More Accurate Training

Artificial Intelligence can find its use in every part of the sport. The ability to get more information from horse training can help jockeys to use more of the horse’s potential without any injuries.

Nowadays, some wearables can be attacked by the jockey or horse that will measure important data that will help make more logical decisions. There are wearables that can track every data from the horse while training, and even get information about the track, humidity, temperature, and more.

This will help trainers identify horse’s weaknesses and focus on more accurate training. Such wearables are also great for predicting horse injuries and getting time off when the data from the devices are in the red line.

It is a useful gadget that will become a standard for horse racing in the future, and thanks to AI software, trainers will get accurate results in seconds.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence will change sports forever, and horse racing is one of them. We expect more machine learning technologies that use AI software to predict results and outcomes in the future. Remember, such technologies rely on data, so the most valuable and important aspect of horse racing will be the results from races.

Having the ability to process a huge pile of data can help people make more accurate betting decisions in the future. It will take time until such technologies are reliable and accurate, and AI won’t be able to predict horse racing results 100% accurately.