How Apps Are Adapting to Mobile Gaming Trends

Mobile gaming seems to be unstoppable in its quest to take over the gaming industry. Whether that is its goal or not, it is pretty much achieving it. Looking at how this industry started, with the ‘90s hugely successful Nokia game – Snake, mobile games have come a long way. Users have now platforms created specifically for apps, with games sorted by genres. All gamers need now is an Internet connection and a smartphone to easily browse through hundreds of thousands of options.

The division between Android and iOS has created issues in the past, especially for the people that wanted to play games together, using different devices. For this reason, cross-platform mobile games started being developed. There are already various cross-platform technologies, all with their pros and cons. React Native, Unity, and Flutter are some of the more popular choices, but ultimately the type of app you want to develop should dictate the technology you need.

Trending Gaming Features

As far as trends and technology go, apps are being optimized to offer unique user experiences year on year. Take online casino apps for example. Players choose casino games on mobile because they are a qualitative, efficient, and easily accessible option. The practices of online casino software developers have evolved a lot over the years, always adapting to customer needs and providing services that were up to date with the latest trends. It is also an industry that embraces all developments in the gaming technology and software sectors.

One of the most complex and remarkable gaming experiences are online multiplayer ones. With the Internet speed has improved substantially, it is possible to start developing cloud-based gaming apps. The cloud will make it easier and cheaper to play and access games and users will not feel tied to a specific device. Apps that allow that already exist in the Play Store, and once downloaded on your mobile device, you can stream the games you have on the cloud to your phone.

Trending Technological Developments

When it comes to trends related to technology. Augmented Reality is the first thing that comes through everyone’s mind. That is because it is a relatively new area in gaming that developers are still due to tap into to the level that is expected from them. The first popular AR-based gaming apps were Pokémon Go and Ingress, but since then several others have been released. However, they are not that much different and Pokémon Go is still the biggest AR game ever.

Another area sparking a lot of interest for mobile gaming app developers is blockchain-based games. Blockchain gaming came into the spotlight in 2017 when Axiom Zen developed and released a game called CryptoKitties. What fascinated everyone was its unhackable assets; an innovative idea at that time. Basically, the game becomes decentralized and the game belongs to the players and not to the company anymore. Blockchain could be the beginning of a very exciting time in gaming, potentially changing its landscape forever.

Mobile app trends are constantly changing and there is always something new showing up. Creating a gaming app with information from a few years ago is not sustainable. A general understanding of the market is essential for the success of your future apps; that and the creativity and hard work that goes in its process.