How do you spoof WhatsApp Location in iPhone?

As you all know, WhatsApp has become an inevitable mode of communication to all people despite ages. One of its inspiring features is the location sharing with your friends when you are lost on road. Allie played a prank with her friends by sharing WhatsApp fake live location and misled them to a haunting place instead of her home. After the prank, her friend was curious about the strategy involved in a fake live location on WhatsApp.

Here goes the technique to feed the inquisitiveness of Allie’s friend.

You might have come across many apps, which directs you to select a fake location on your gadgets. The reliability of those applications is a question mark. According to the professional’s suggestion dr.fone from Wondershare is the perfect app to exhibit a virtual location scenario without much difficulty.

To work on this platform you need not require any special technical skills it is enough if you follow the below instructions carefully to teleport your location anywhere around the globe flawlessly.

Features of dr.fone from Wondershare

  • Reliable and excellent iOS location changer
  • A single click is sufficient to mock your location anywhere in the world
  • This app allows GPS real road simulation
  • Compatible with location-based games in your gadgets

Spoof current location using dr.fone

Now learn how to fake location on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Load the application

Go to the official website of dr.fone and download the app. Then, install the tool by following the instruction wizard and launch the app by a tap on the tool icon. Connect your iPhone with the system using the USB cable.

Step 2: Choose Virtual Location

In the home screen, you must select ‘Virtual Location’ option to fake GPS for WhatsApp.

Step 3: Start the procedure

You must hit the ‘Get Started’ button on the ‘Virtual Location’ screen to trigger the procedure.

Step 4: Actual location

The next screen takes you to the map view displaying the actual location of your device. If you are unable to view the location then hit ‘Center On’ button at the right bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Switch on Teleport mode

Now, tap the ‘Teleport mode’ the third icon at the top right side of the screen. You must enter the desired location details on the text field displayed at the upper left side of the screen. Then, hit the ‘Go’ button.

Step 6: New location

Here, you must click ‘Move Here’ button to confirm the new location. You can view a new location on the screen. The map displays your desired location and it is set as a default location for your device.

Step 7: Share location

Now you have to open the WhatsApp in your iPhone, go to the chat window, and choose ‘Location’.

Step 8: Choose the desired option

In the pop-up message, you can select ‘Only While Using the App’ or ‘Always allow’ depending on your needs. It is the location access permission for WhatsApp.

Step 9: Send fake location

Choose ‘Send your current location’ from the displayed options. This selection will send a fake location on WhatsApp easily.

Using the above technique, you can send a fake location on the WhatsApp using dr.fone app from Wondershare.


Sometimes, you need to fake location on WhatsApp while interacting with strangers. The dr.fone from Wondershare is the right tool to implement fake location on your device effortlessly. The Virtual location feature simplifies the procedure and you can fake the device location through a few clicks. You can now easily spoof the location details in no time. Choose dr.fone if you want reliable results in the long run. Get connected with dr.fone to explore its stunning features. The user-friendly environment encourages even a common person to utilize the full potential of the application. Do not hesitate to try dr.fone virtual location feature and spoof your location within a wink of an eye.