How to Become a Streamer: Everything You Need to Know to Enter the World of Streaming

The growing world of content creators continues to increase by leaps and bounds. Are you a student or a freelancer who wants to try yourself in streaming? Whoever you’d be, you can turn your dream into reality.

But being a streamer is not just hitting a button, and that’s it. Several factors come into play, which is more important than we might think.

To have a good start in the world of streaming, you need to consider several key points that will help you connect with your audience. The excess of content creators has made it more difficult than ever to succeed on platforms like Twitch. So, let’s see what do you need to stand out and start gaining an audience in your live streams.

Here are seven tips and guidelines to raise your live performances and become a good streamer.

  1. Necessary accessories and components

In the beginnings of a Twitch or YouTube channel, the fundamental thing is to have a computer that allows you to make live broadcasts without problems, to offer a clear audio quality and a smooth video image. There is always time to make modifications and improvements, so you can start with a webcam at a reasonable price and a headset that offers a clean sound.

Our working space or set up has to be as comfortable as possible, but it has to fulfill its function above all. Nowadays, there are high-quality products, but it is unnecessary to be the latest and spend large amounts of money stream like the greatest.

  1. Appearance and personalization

The first impression will always be a factor to consider, whether to present projects, go to a job interview or meet new people. The same applies to live streams since our channel needs a design and logo that characterizes us and shows others our individuality.

Viewers looking for new content want to face the voice they are listening to and enjoy their reactions. In this way, the content you offer will give a greater sense of closeness.

It is also advisable to download programs such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, and XSpli. It gives us total freedom to configure the live broadcast by adding alerts, banners, frames for our webcam, and custom images to provide more dynamism.

It will never be pleasant to watch a live broadcast where there are failures of all kinds or where everything is too simple. Remember that attracting attention is very important for viewers to decide to stay.

  1. Stand out for your originality

As with YouTube, many content creators of all kinds make it increasingly difficult to carve out a niche for yourself on streaming and video platforms. There is no choice but to try to stand out for original content. Maybe you will need a scenario firstly.

It doesn’t mean you can’t play or talk like others do, but you do have to look for a less explored niche in which to excel. Originality is always rewarded, and Twitch is a universe full of creativity.

  1. Voice as an element of attraction

Silence is uncomfortable and boring, so maintaining a constant and improvised dialogue is another element to consider when we live.

Take the opportunity to bring up specific topics of conversation, comment on what you are doing live, or directly bet on the old reliable, interacting with the chat, as viewers tend to ask questions or give advice constantly to the streamer. The latter is something they love and is a way to connect with your viewers to start creating a community.

Constantly talking will help us entertain and gain an audience. The Just Chatting category is one of the most popular categories on Twitch.

  1. Consistency and schedule

When you watch a television program, you know what time exactly it starts. Keeping the same schedule is very important. It is also true for live shows. While in the beginning, it is advisable to do live shows at different times to reach as many people as possible, end up you should establish the schedule that has worked best for you.

Then you have to inform them about the days on which you are going to broadcast. The more constant and insistent you are, the further you can go. Don’t expect to do a live broadcast every week or every month, and that your audience will increase by itself.

  1. Be yourself; naturalness wins every time

Some streamers start by creating their characters by practically roleplaying, which doesn’t always work. A viewer is looking to empathize and get to know the person they see behind the screen. They will not only see you for the content you offer but for who and how you are. Transparency and being yourself are much more appealing to the audience than we think.

  1. Luck, the deciding factor

Being a content creator is more complex than we think. Setting a schedule, being constant and original, and buying all the latest setup doesn’t guarantee you will do well on Twitch. Undoubtedly, the most important thing to be a streamer and grow in the industry is to have luck.

And to say this is not to discredit those who stream for a living. Having thousands of viewers in each live stream is within reach of very few, and the merit is undeniable, as is having luck on your side. Cristiano and Messi are possibly two of the five best soccer players in history, but they were also lucky at a crucial moment, signing contracts on napkins or being in the right place at the right time. Of course, once fortune smiles on you, you also work (and work hard) to keep it.

So, if you’re ready to start – let’s go!