How to Create Powerful Explainer Videos for Business Growth

Are you planning to create an explainer video to express your business idea in a professional way? Are you interested in explaining your services/product in less than 1 minute? But don’t you have much knowledge about how to create an explainer video professionally? You are in the right place.

In this article, I will share various tips by considering which you can easily produce truly engaging explainer videos for business without any issue.

But before we dive into the tips, let’s dive into the statistics that will make you realize the reasons why 90% of the business are using explainer videos to generate more leads and traffic.

  • 80% of the marketers use videos to boost their sales.
  • 87%of the marketers consider video as an effective marketing tool
  • By incorporating videos in emails allows you to increase the click rate by upto 300%.
  • People are144% more likely to purchase your products after watching a video.
  • People spend 2.6x more time on the website pages that include video than without. 

Are you excited to create one for your business?

Let’s have a look at the tips that will help you produce excellent videos easily. 

6 Tips for Creating Awesome Explainer Videos

Let’s get started…

Always keep Shorter Videos

Shorter videos are always better. By creating crisp and entertaining videos, you can inspire people to stay on your website for longer. If people remember your products/service, then there are more chances that they will make a purchase. To make the video more effective, you can ask questions in the beginning and convey the messages within the first 5-10seconds.

As per the rule of thumb, most of the productive videos are made of 150 words. If your video is more than 2 minutes, then fewer people will pay attention to it. So, keep telling people about your services/products through short and precise video campaigns.

Use a Professional Voice 

While creating a video, make sure you use professional voiceover as it not only improves your video quality but also allows the users to know the concept effortlessly. Say if the video’s voice quality is not properly inserted, then people will not be able to understand the reason behind every video.

Whenever you create a video, make sure you keep the voice of your video a little high. It will polish the video and give a professional look to it. Moreover, you can also hire professional talent to record the voice for respective videos.

Add a powerful CTA 

If you want your video to be productive, make sure you add an appealing and relatable CTA to it. Say if you create an extraordinary and powerful video but do not include CTA, then visitors will not get any direction. They will simply get confused about how to proceed further.

If visitors get a proper direction, then they can get in touch with your team, which will further boost the conversion rate. Adding CTA’s to your videos can increase the click-through rate by 260%. So, if you also want to generate fruitful results by creating awesome videos, then make sure you add appealing and relevant CTA(Call-to-action) into it.

Keep your audience in mind

Another thing that you need to consider while creating an animated video is clearly defining your audience. For influencing the audience, it is vital to share the information that they are actually looking for. If you do not provide accurate information to the right prospect, then it becomes really difficult to build stronger relations and retain them on your videos for longer.   

So, whenever you build a video, make sure you keep your target audience in mind. Because if you clearly define your audience’s problems in video, then you can stay on the right track and propel your business forward.

Make an entertaining video

Normal content never encourages the audience to retain until or unless it is humorous, inspiring, and full of emotions. This is what marketers always keep in mind. Do you focus on the same? 

No matter whether you want to create a commercial video or a whiteboard animation video, it is important to focus on the entertainment part. It will not only build connections but also takes your business to the next level.

Play with Script 

Last but the most important part that can make or break your animated video is the script. If your video script is appealing and clearly describes all the benefits of your products and services, then you can explain complex concepts with such ease. 

So, whenever you create a script, make sure it is filled with a creative brief. Try creating an emotional and simple script to turn your thoughts into a reality. Make sure you choose the tone that your audience actually wants. Also, try to add examples in your script so that visitors can easily relate and perform some actionable steps.

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In a Nutshell 

Indeed, there are tremendous ways that you can ensure that your video is professional and fruitful. But hopefully, if you keep a check on the above-mentioned points, then you can easily generate the highest conversions with highly productive explainer videos.

So, are you ready to kickstart your business by creating amazing videos? Go ahead….

Still, having second thoughts or wanting to add something to your above list, do share in the comments below.

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