How to delete or deactivate Ola account?

delete deactivate OLA account

OLA lately has evolved as one of the fastest-growing and largest Cab services in India. The company also launched its own multi-purpose digital payment wallet dubbed as OLA Money, which obviously can also be used for booking OLA Cabs. That said, we’ve been getting a lot of queries concerning to delete or deactivate the OLA account? So, in this article, we’ll be telling you some easy steps to delete the Ola account.

delete deactivate OLA account

How to delete or deactivate the OLA account?

Although it may sound strange, many users are willing to deactivate the Ola account. There are multiple reasons. Some have stopped using OLA cabs while some want to get rid of OLA Money. It’s not surprising because we have too many similar services, and we only use one or two.

Well, whatever the reason, here is a bit of annoyance. There’s no direct method or option to delete or deactivate the OLA account. Yes, OLA has been criticized by many for not giving users an option to remove their accounts from the platform. Many users have been condemning the company on Twitter for not giving them the right to delete their accounts. But dont worry, there still away, keep reading.

We went on further and contacted their customer service team. To our sweet surprise, we got the reply as below:

We would like to inform you that an account cannot be deleted or deactivated permanently. It can only be blocked and once blocked you will not be able to use the same credentials on OLA again.

The same applies if you want to delete the Ola corporate account.

Steps to delete or deactivate OLA account:

Now that you know that there is no way to delete the Ola account permanently, the only way to disable your OLA account is to get it blocked. To do the same:

  • Open your e-mail account (the same registered in your profile on OLA Cabs).
  • Compose a mail with the address of the receiver as
  • On the subject field, write “Request to block my OLA account.”
  • After that, write a message accordingly. You can use the below format as a sample for the same:

Dear OLA Team,

I have an account in your database with the name of <your name>, and my email id is <your registered e-mail ID>. Unfortunately, I am not willing to use this account anymore (write your reason). So, I am requesting you to kindly delete my account from your database including all my credentials if any.



<Mobile Number>

<E-mail Address>

Once done, wait for the reply and assistance from the company. It generally doesn’t take too long in my experience. They’ll assist you further if it doesn’t block the Ola account.

So this was a simple and the only feasible solution to delete or deactivate the OLA account. As seen, creating an account on OLA is much easier than getting rid of it. Though there wasn’t any option to close the Ola account, we’ve tried our best to curate a genuinely possible workaround for you. Let us know whether the method worked for you. Also, don’t forget to share your reason behind deleting the account on OLA.

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