How to deactivate or delete PhonePe account

How to deactivate or delete PhonePe account

PhonePe is an India based digital payment system that works with the BHEEM UPI interface as well. Just like any other payment system, you can use it to pay utility bills, recharge, and so on. If at some moment you decide to deactivate or delete the PhonePe account, in a way, you can do that. The process will deactivate the Phonepe wallet, as well.

PhonePe Delete Account

Steps to deactivate or delete PhonePe account

As of now, PhonePe hasn’t rolled out an option to altogether remove your account. Instead, they offer you to close the wallet and stop using the existing PhonePe account. It’s because it’s related to the money, and its best to get it through the proper process so nobody can misuse it.

Note: Make sure to print any transactions and receipts detail before deletion. (History section)

Steps to delete PhonePe account using the app

  • Make sure to use all the non-withdrawal PhonePe Wallet balance.
  • If you have PhonePe Gold, sell it.
  • Launch the app, and then click on the question mark icon or the Help section.
  • Navigate to Other Topics > PhonePe Account > Account related issues > Deleting an account
  • Use the contact us button to reraise a request for Wallet closer when you have zero balance in your account.
  • The support will get back to you and verify it before closer to your Wallet. It may take 2-3 days to deactivate your delete your PhonePe account.

Once the wallet is closed, you can choose not to use PhonePe any more. However, you can always get it reactivated. You can revive either using the app, complete your KYC again, or connect with support to get your account activated yet if you have any issues. There is no way to delete accounts from PhonePe completely, but this is good enough.

We hope the tutorial was easy for you to follow, and you were able to delete the PhonePe account.

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