How to delete or deactivate Tinder account

delete or deactivate Tinder account

Tinder is a social networking app where all you do is a swipe and swipe and swipe. It’s a modern way to find a new date and meet new people. Well, if you are already bored with it, you can choose to delete or deactivate the Tinder account. We will also show how to remove Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Subscription.

How to delete or deactivate Tinder account

delete or deactivate Tinder account

Deleting a Tinder account is very easy, as it can be done through the app. But do note that if you ever try to activate your account after permanent deletion, it will create a new account from scratch.

  • Launch Tinder App on your phone, and sign-in with your account.
  • Tap the profile icon on the top left and then click on > Settings > Delete Account.
  • The next screen will give you the option to
    • pause Tinder for some time
    • completely delete the Tinder account or deactivate the account.
  • Choose delete, verify with your password, and your account will be gone forever.

The pause option is useful if you are only bored out of using the Tinder app. It will stop any notification that you receive over email or app. The best is that you logout out of the app. When you delete an account, you will permanently lose your matches, messages, and other information associated with your account.

How to Remove Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Subscription

If you opted for Tinder Plus or Gold subscription, you would need to stop the subscription separately. They are tied with your Google Play account. So even if you delete the account, you can still be charged for the Tinder subscriptions.

  • Open the Play Store on your phone and tap on the menu on the top left.
  • Then click on Subscriptions
  • Cancel any Tinder subscription you have on the list.

You can always subscribe back to them once you reactivate Tinder.

Are you using Tinder? Do you like it, or are you all set to delete or deactivate Tinder account?

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