How to Download Instagram Stories on PC

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. The peak of its popularity came precisely at the time of the pandemic: many began to maintain their lifestyle blogs, follow the latest news and popular bloggers, as well as develop their business, which is gradually going online.

Instagram has everything for promotion: convenient settings for adding publications, stories, videos, IGTV, Reels, a news feed, and much more. It is here that you can not only be inspired to produce your own content, but also communicate, promote your business and increase sales.

Is that a perfect platform or not? 

What about saving content from the platform, for example, to your computer? You can’t download Instastories or post you like via Instagram, you need to look for other methods.

Let’s save your time and effort! This article presents several ways on how to download Instagram stories on PC.

Why do you need to download IG stories?

An Instagram story is a photo or short video created by a user that is stored for no longer than 24 hours. That is, if you haven’t time to save the story you liked during this time, then you can not see it again.

So, all you need to do is download the story to your PC. Here are the advantages of direct downloading over screenshots and other foolish ways:

24/7 access

After the story disappears without a trace, you have a certain amount of time to download and enjoy watching it at any time. Whether it’s a beautiful picture, photo, motivational or funny video.

A source of inspiration

A creative impulse is good. But there are days when ideas for Instagram posting run out. In this case, you need to inspire yourself with beautiful photos and videos from Instagram. And in order not to lose the content you like, you need to download it to your PC and be inspired to create your own.

Surveillance of competitors

Today, there is strong competition on Instagram. This applies not only to bloggers but also to various online stores and brand accounts. Everyone tries their best: they create an attractive IG feed, prepare bright stories, shoot cool videos. To keep up with competitors, you can save their content and create your own taking into account their mistakes.

Anonymous watching and saving

It is absolutely legal and safe to download content anonymously without traces. The most important thing is not to post it as your own. In addition, it is important to use a proven and safety method of IG stories downloading. You don’t need to trust suspicious services and applications.

How to download Instagram stories on PC: Working methods

#1 Online services

If you don’t want to download additional programs, extensions, or applications for saving Instagram stories, then you can do it all online. For this purpose, special online services are suitable. They don’t need to download, install, register a profile and pay for services.

Instead, the entire work process takes place online in the cloud mode. Services such as Bigbangram,,, Inflact, etc., don’t use your data, allow you to download any Instagram content to your PC, and even view the profile and its stories anonymously.

The working principle of these services is the same:

  1. Go to the site and add an account nickname or a link to the profile.
  2. After adding the user’s nickname to the search line, click on the “Download” button.
  3. The service shows all the current user IG stories.
  4. By clicking on the “Download” button again, the service will save all needed stories to your PC.

Note: In addition to the ability to view and download IG stories, some listed sites have the following features: hashtag and font generators for Instagram, a convenient direct messenger, a download tool for Facebook and Twitter, and other useful things.

#2 Telegram bots

If you use the Telegram messenger, you’ve probably known about the existence of Telegram bots. Bots automatically perform various tasks.

In Telegram, some bots can download any Instagram content, including stories.

  1. Open Telegram and write “stories save” or “Instagram” in the search bar.
  2. You will immediately see available Telegram bots designed for Instagram.
  3. Try to choose the liked bot and use it for IG content downloading to your phone or PC, depending on which version of the messenger you’ve opened.

#3 Browser extensions

Another more difficult option to save all desired IG story content via a computer is to use a browser extension. For example, Chrome IG Story is available for download from the official Google store.

After you download and install the extension, its extension icon will appear in the browser. When you click on it, a special form will open where you need to add a username or a link to the IG profile.

Then, you should click on the “Download” button. The desired story will be saved to the folder you’ve selected. For example, we downloaded a story, and it had a carousel of 4 posts. As a result, 2 videos and 2 photos were saved separately. Simply put, completely all the added materials that were in the user’s IG story.