How to find remote jobs during the COVID19 Pandemic

There are many work-from-home jobs online, but where are the jobs? Many blog websites will give a list of various work from home jobs online. There are so many different kinds of jobs to choose from. There are medical coding/billing, data entry, customer service, transcription, translation, gigs and tasks online, and more. The companies that have these services are companies like Appen, Lionbridge, Working Solutions, Search Remotely, TranscribeMe, Rev, Amazon, TTEC, and more.

Finding Remote Work from Home Jobs Online

The best method to find work from home jobs is to look at blog websites that list remote jobs, or going through job board websites like or When you search, make sure that it says “virtual”, “work from home” or “remote” to indicate that you can do this position from home. Sometimes on job boards, it is advertised as remote or work from home but it actually isn’t a remote job position. Usually, real remote jobs will have some way of using those keywords in the job description so that people know that it is actually a remote position.

Work From Home Blog Websites

Blog websites such as,, or are good blog websites that show you which jobs are remote and which aren’t. They also give good information about if the jobs are scams or not. Use these blog websites to your advantage. They will help you see which jobs are right for you as they usually have a short description of the job, career website, and what other people thought about it. Usually, these kinds of blog websites also list the pay and if you will be getting paid weekly, bi-weekly, or sometimes even monthly. Subscribing to their blogs may help you get a job faster as you would be up-to-date on which companies are hiring now.

Job Board and Remote Job Websites

Remote job board websites such as,, or are great sites to find remote jobs. Websites such as are good because they specialize in remote jobs and you may be able to find a company that isn’t on other regular job boards such as It is always helpful to make a profile with the job board first to post your resume, references, letters of recommendation, and basic profile information so that you can apply for jobs quicker with one click. Adding your email to their list will help you get a job faster so that you get current information on companies that are hiring immediately.


There is a lot of work from home jobs out there, they are just unfortunately hard to find. By utilizing blog websites and job boards, and making a profile with them or subscribing to them, jobs will start coming your way. You will be getting email alerts on new companies that are hiring, and lots of suggestions to jobs such as transcription or freelance writing that may not require any experience at all, especially for those that have gaps in their resume, or they are new to working from home.