Is your Phone not Charging? Learn how you can fix this issue

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Any smartphone that you use, whether it is cheap or expensive, can go under issues that would not let the battery juice up. As an electronic device, it is quite common for smartphones to be in trouble. There is nothing to be upset about it. Many factors lead to the charging malfunction or not-charging state regarding smartphones. In this guide, we will learn how to fix battery charging issues of smartphones.

Quite commonly, people do check their charger adapters or batteries before doing any actions. Well, that is necessary in every case as an initial leap. In case you doubt that your charger adapter might be dead when you see the phone is showing charging but battery percentage is not increasing, check it with any other smartphones.

If it is still the same then your smartphone is under some obsessive glitch, maybe the circuit or the battery itself. Here are several easy ways you can troubleshoot the non-charging battery status on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Check the USB Cable

Every smartphone manufacturer nowadays provides detachable charger adapter, with separable power brick and data cable design. Mostly, the original cables come with smartphones are capable of supporting fast charging facility, but their longevity is only fair. Most get damaged, especially the external insulation after a year of usage.

fix battery charging issues of smartphones.

Additionally, the internal wiring also becomes vulnerable to erosion. So, you might have to check with the cable first, including the USB ports. If it’s still not working, try swapping the cable with a new one or another working alternative.

Check Charger Adapter

Speaking of the experiences, the charger adapters are not well-designed to withstand the frequent voltage variation and power adaptation. So you also need to examine the charger adapter or the power brick. You can disassemble the wall-plug adapter to see what is wrong inside, in case you do know what you are doing. If the charger seems not working well anymore, you have to purchase a new one. Make sure that you are purchasing a genuine charger. Otherwise, it could burn your smartphone board.

Many smartphones need genuine chargers to juice itself up, especially with Fast charging. Except for the Qualcomm’s QuickCharge-powered devices, you need the original charger from the manufacturer or a compatible one to boost the battery. In most cases, not using Fast Charger can bring the current in, but the system can go wrong after a while.

Check battery status

You made sure that the charger is genuine and working, but charging is slow or not happening? Well, we have a solution for that too.

ampere app

Download the “Ampere” app from Google Play Store and check your battery voltage, discharging rate and other details by plugging-in the smartphone. If there is any unusual voltage levels, ampere, health condition spotted, then there is something wrong. You can match the Voltage and Ampere with the Power details given in retail box of smartphones.

Remember, you cannot charge a phone with a broken charger port, and it will only damage your phone.

Calibrate the battery

If your checks don’t leave much to suspect the health of your charger, then it is smartphone’s issue. You can calibrate the smartphone battery in some simple steps.

  1. DIscharge the smartphone battery till the phone shuts down on its own.
  2. Charge it to 100% in the switch-off state.
  3. Turn on the smartphone.

If the battery status does not say 100% after turning on, you need to repeat all the above steps until it shows 100%. Once it reaches, discharge again, charge fully and turn on. You can also use apps to calibrate the smartphone battery

Roll back the update

Some updates on Android devices cause charging issues and battery backup problems. So if you find that the issue started persisting after any specific update, then you have to rollback to the older version. There is no simple way you can do it, and should only be done by experts.

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