How to get more followers and interactions on Instagram 

With over a billion active monthly users, Instagram is easily one of the busiest places to be in the virtual world. The engagement rate is also among the highest compared to all other social media sites, including even Facebook.

All of this makes Instagram an attractive destination if you are keen to build brand identity, something that again is of vital importance if you intend to use your Instagram account for business purposes as well. That should be reason enough for you to attempt building a fan base around your account if you wish to use it to promote your business, build a brand, or just for fun.

Here are some proven ways to improve interactions and create free Instagram followers.

  1. Create A Nice Bio

This is where you start as your bio acts as the first point of interaction with others. Those 150 characters are all you have to put your point forward and should include the keys aspects of your business. The bio is also where you get to uphold your brand and should consist of your contact info as well.

On the whole, it should be such that visitors to your profile should get instantly hooked on to your profile after going through your bio. It’s one chance you have to make or break your prospects with the visitors. You can also use Instagram Stories to good effect to highlight your bio.

There also is the story highlights feature that will let you save stories to be used as highlights. Those appear below your bio and visitors can click on them to see your saved stories. This way, Stories can help enhance the scope of your bio to appeal to more users, thereby increasing the chances of getting more free Instagram followers.

  1. Know Your Audience

You got to have a clear idea of who your target audience is before reaching out to them. For this, you need to answer a few questions to yourself, like the brand or product you are keen to promote, to whom or section of society the brand or product is aimed at, and so on. You also need to ask yourself the sort of audience you are looking for.

Once you have the answers to these, your next task will, of course, be to search for them. That necessarily isn’t like searching for a pin in a haystack as there sure are a few methods to help ease your efforts. For instance, if you are promoting a children’s toy brand, you know you got to reach out to the kids as well as their parents.

You can do that by searching for kid’s events, schools for kids, or accounts of other brands that apply to the kids. If there are any kid-related grouping that involves the parent, you can reach out to them as well. Become their followers, comment on their pictures or video. Interact with them as well wherever possible. The key here is to make your presence felt among those who are among your potential clients. Also, follow them if you want them to follow you back.

  1. Engage With Others

You can never underestimate the power of conversation, and you can use it to some good effect to increase followers. For instance, reach out to other brands that operate in the same segment as you. You can use eye-catching captions to attract other’s attention, reply to comments, or ask simple open-ended questions to them.

Also, Instagram is likely to promote a post higher in the feed if it gains enough interaction within the first hour. That means your posts have a higher chance of getting promoted in the Instagram feed if more users respond to it, something that is likely to happen if you interact with others just before you post. This greatly increases the chances of your posts getting likes or maybe others commenting on it as well.