Tips tricks to use Google AdWords without losing money

Tips tricks to use Google AdWords without losing money

Google AdWords is one of the best tool available for trafficking web traffic. However many bloggers or website owners out there might be tired of losing hundreds of dollars every time they try to make out something from AdWords. Here is our list of tips tricks to use Google AdWords without losing money.

Tips tricks to use Google AdWords without losing money

Google Adwords Tips Tricks

AdWords is the best opportunity for a blogger. They can invest little in advertising his blog and get excellent returns from it. If someone guarantees you never-seen-before traffic to your blog after using Google AdWords, don’t assume he is making a mountain out of a molehill. To take out the best of AdWords what you need is perfect planning.

There are two direct ways by which losses can be avoided while using AdWords via the control panel.

Set a Daily Budget for AdWords

As the market fluctuates every day, under the influence of many factors, there is no point in blowing out your whole budget on a single day. Rather you can opt for a daily budget facility provided to keep the ad campaign alive for many more days.

Control Cost-Per-Click

It’s important to be specific in terms of your keywords. Generalized keywords might have high cost-per-click but the one which you are looking for might be available at a lower rate with an increasing number of clicks per day. Wise selection of keywords plays a vital role in this scenario.

Then why people might lose money on Google Adwords?

Many of us wonder despite following a straightforward procedure, why more and more users are prone to losing money rather than gaining benefits from these ad campaigns. Here are three useful tips to avoid losing money while using Google AdWords:

Do Thorough Research

The most important thing to do before selecting any campaign on AdWords is to do thorough research about user’s search tendency and his mindset. Take the help of your colleagues or friends to know what keywords or phrases they use to get specific results.

There must be thousands of web pages over the Internet providing information same as that of yours. Try to understand the strategy of these web page owners which shall help in attracting more and more users towards your page. The following two topics should be thoroughly studied:

  • User’s Mindset
  • Competitor’s Strategy


The next big thing is about the keywords being precise. Suppose your website is related to gadgets developed by a particular company say Apple Inc. Now if you choose a campaign to reach readers using keywords like “gadgets” or “Smartphone reviews” or even “Apple Inc.” it will fail to aim that group of users who are interested in your niche.

Though Apple’s products are categorized under “gadgets,” using it as keywords for your campaign doesn’t filter out specific audience. You are trying to target that group of readers who are interested in reading a review about Apple Inc’s products. So there is no point wasting dollars for attracting an audience that is looking for any gadgets.

Get the Best out of Your Dollars

AdWords provides an excellent facility to prevent losing money on campaigns. One can set a daily budget in a similar campaign to cope-up with the fluctuating market.

Suppose your specific keyword as “Apple products reviews” costs you $0.15 per click against $3 of “gadget reviews,” it will help you earn more clicks a day and eventually more traffic.

Wrapping up, wise selection of keywords and daily budgets can prevent you from losing thousands of dollars while using Adwords. By following three simple steps as mentioned above, one can easily say Google AdWords is a profitable business.