How to merge contacts list on two Gmail accounts

merge contacts list on two Gmail accounts

Many have multiple email accounts on thier phone. When saving contacts, it is possible that you may have kept some connections in one email account, while others in the second account. Sometimes they also get duplicated. In this guide, we will share how you can merge contacts list on two Gmail accounts

How to merge contacts list on two Gmail accounts

Google Contacts Export Option

The best and easiest way to fix this is by using the web interface of Gmail. First, you need to decide your primary Gmail account. The one you want all your contacts to be imported. Now follow these steps:

1] Login to Secondary Gmail account

Go to Google contacts and sign-in with the second Gmail account. On the left panel, under More, look for the option export.

2] Export Contacts 

Click on the export link, and choose to export as Google (CSV) format. Since we will be importing it to another Gmail account, this is the best option.

Note: Google contacts offer another section which you should look before exporting. Its called as Other Contacts. These contacts are usually not saved as contacts but could be those whom you are exchanging emails. So it’s important that you add them before exporting.

Google Contacts Duplicates

3] Import Contacts into Primary Gmail account

Go back to Google contacts page, but instead choose to import the file. Click CSV or vCard file > Select File. And then click Import.

4] Merge Duplicate Contacts

Once the import is complete, its time to find duplicate contacts, and merge them. When in Google Contacts, look for “Duplicate” link. It will open the Merge section where it will list the contacts that can be merged. It is a manual process, and you will have to choose each of them.

Post this; you will all the contacts in one place including their email address and phone numbers. It is a good idea that you make sure to have a default email address set for saving all new contacts.

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