How to play games on your phone and earn money

For thousands of gamers across the globe, earning money while getting to play new and exciting games is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Yet, believe it or not, that is a reality to a lucky bunch of gamers and for anybody who knows about the apps that allow you to earn money playing mobile games.

Below we have the details on how people make good money from playing games, the best apps that are available to everyone that pays you to play – and what is in store for the future of making money in the gaming industry.

Popular Ways to Earn Money Gaming

A niche group of gamers even get paid a full-time salary for playing video games and mobile games. These people are known as game testers who use their knowledge to decipher if the game will be a success when it is released and provide feedback to casinos such as or game developers so they can provide better gaming experiences. Unfortunately for the masses, most if not all of these jobs go to influencers within the industry or professional gamers.

A more open and accessible way of making money is by using apps on your phone. One trend that is emerging is the gamification of real-life via these apps, with cryptocurrency or digital assets being handed out as a reward. For example, SweatCoin is an app that will rewards users for finishing a workout with digital coins.

Three Apps That Pay You to Play Games on Your Mobile

But it is not just these types of apps that will pay you ‘game’. You can also get paid to game from your mobile in a more conventional way. Here are three of the best apps currently available for you to play games and earn money with.

  1. Mistplay

Arguably the best known among gamers’ secret side gig apps is Mistplay. When you join the community, you are given a list of games ready for you to download and play – earning you points that can be swapped for gift cards at the likes of Amazon or even cash. They even have a chat feature where you can mix with other gamers trying to earn a pretty penny.

  1. Swagbucks

Simply download the Swagbucks app and start playing games to earn points. You can then redeem these points for many things, including vouchers or even money sent directly to your PayPal account. You can even earn money on this app through surveys and watching YouTube videos.

  1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another trusted app that will pay you to play games. It will also pay you to execute web searches, take surveys and enter contests. One of the more appealing aspects of InboxDollars is that they have welcome bonuses too.

More Ways to Earn Money gaming Are Coming

In the future, there may be many more jobs available for game fans. The rollout of Virtual Reality may just allow you to walk around casino floor greeting players and sitting at a table to play a few hands of blackjack.

Technology holds the key to more interesting and innovative ways to make money from video games and casinos.