How to Prepare for High School Graduation

Getting to the end of high school is a big deal. Since kindergarten, most people have been going to school for 13 years. This is a time to celebrate and start planning for the next step into adulthood. Taking care of the practical things now can give you more time to enjoy your senior year and relax before you move on to the next big thing. Check out these tips to help you finish high school on a good note and prepare for summer and beyond.

Getting ready to graduate from high school:

Keeping up your grades

You’re getting close to the end. But slacking off and letting your grades slip could be a red flag for the college you want to attend in the fall. Colleges look at grades from high school in different ways. That isn’t a big deal if a student with an A in calculus drops to a B. Instead, if your grades aren’t good enough to get into a college, the offer could be taken back. In your senior year, staying on top of your schoolwork and taking some tough classes could pay off.

 Bring back the library books

At many high schools, you might not be able to walk at graduation if you don’t return library books or pay late fees. If any other fees or holds will keep you from walking at graduation, take care of them as soon as possible. If unsure, your guidance counsellor or another school administrator can help.

Choosing what to wear on graduation day

Yes, at the ceremony, you will wear your cap and gown. But what about the photos? Choose an outfit that makes you look good and makes you feel good. There will probably be a lot of pictures taken to mark this achievement, and putting on an outfit that makes you feel good can help you feel good in front of the camera.

 Making Graduation Ticket Reservations

Due to the size of the venue, some schools may limit how many tickets a student can reserve for graduation. Students may sometimes be able to ask for more tickets, but this is only sometimes the case. If your school has a limit on tickets or a way to ask for them, complete all the deadlines.

 Invite friends and family to your graduation

You’ll need to invite family and friends to your graduation once you know how many tickets you have. Parents, siblings, grandparents, and close friends may all want to watch, but if tickets are limited, you may be unable to invite everyone.

Consider writing down the date, time, place, and parking instructions for the ceremony, giving graduation announcements and emailing or texting your family so they can easily find the information they need to see you walk across that stage.

Taking pictures with family and friends

Graduating from high school is a big deal. You’ll want to remember this day, so take pictures with your family and friends on the big day. Find some interesting places to take pictures. You should have your picture taken on the school track if you run hurdles.

Having a party with family and friends

High school graduation is a great time to have fun and celebrate everything you’ve worked hard for. Your schedule may change greatly if you go to college far away or commute from home. Some ways to celebrate the event and deal with the change are to spend time with family and friends, sharing graduation announcements, participate in senior activities, and throw a graduation party.

If you’re having a graduation party, make plans for it.

High schoolers like to have graduation parties (their families). If you or your parents are throwing a party, you’ll need to figure out details like the date, time, and place, as well as a budget and a list of people coming. You’ll need to send out

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