How to schedule messages to send texts automatically from Android

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It is essential to keep order in everything and do tasks accordingly. But as humans, we do either forget or run out of time before we could finish everything. When it comes to messages, texts, emails, etc., we need to draft and remind ourselves to send them at the right time or before the deadline. In this guide, we will learn to schedule messages to send texts automatically from your Android Phone.

Apps to schedule messages to send texts automatically

Other than boss-employee messaging, you also need to keep track of sending personal messages like birthday wishes on exact timing. If you are looking for some solution to save time for text messages and schedule them to send automatically, we got some solutions.


SKEDit is an entirely free app available for the Android platform. The reason that we chose it as the topper is its feature-rich user interface itself. The app does not even have annoying ads on the top layer.


  • Bulk group messaging.
  • View the messaging history, deleted messages, and failed texts. SKEDit can schedule your messages, texts, and emails for any date in future until 2100 ( which is far beyond).
  • You can choose to repeat the tasks and processes at the specified intervals.
  • Toggle on the option “Ask me before sending” will prompt for your permission each time, and it will not be automated spontaneously.

SKEDit  schedule messages to send texts automatically from Android

Using SKEDit, you can schedule to send Email, SMS, WhatsApp Messages, WhatsApp Business texts, Facebook post and even make a call. As you ought to log in to use the app, you can also retrieve the scheduled messages and emails from any other devices by logging in.


Do it Later

The ad-supported app, “Do it Later” is available to download for any Android smartphone from Google Play STore. The Do it Later has a simple UI with Black & Yellow theme on default.

Do it Later  schedule messages to send texts automatically from Android


  • You have many options to schedule and send the messages accordingly.
  • It supports SMS, Reminders, Gmail, Facebook Posts/Messages, and Twitter DMs. You only have to choose an option and set the time and date for the scheduled messaging.
  • To prevent from failing, you need to disable the optimization for the app, so that it could run in background full time.


SMS Scheduler

The SMS Scheduler is a simple app that suits minimal-loving people. The app comes with nothing but only an SMS scheduling option included. Even though it has some ads at the bottom, it would not be a problem for an average user. If you want an ad-free version of the app, you have to make an in-app purchase

Sms scheduler  schedule messages to send texts automatically from Android


  • You can set date, time and frequency for any message sent through the app.
  • It offers group chatting option which lets you send bulk SMS
  • It can switch between themes, available as Dark and Light.
  • A set of common SMS templates are available in-built. You can also add or edit templates, apart from the default ones.


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