How to start using Photoshop like a pro

Photoshop continues to be one of the best programs for editing photos and images for years. This utility is widely used by millions of designers, photographers, and other experts in the field of media. However, many students find Photoshop to be extremely difficult to use since it has a bit complicated and tricky interface. How to use photoshop basics? How to polish your photos using the popular program easily? Discover the best prompts for using the software right here below.

Before you start improving your Photoshop skills

There is nothing new that the lives of students are loaded with tons of academic assignments. Photoshop is not the easiest program to learn; therefore, you will need to have lots of free time to discover its basic functions. Many students are wondering “How can I start learning Photoshop and other editing programs if I have tons of academic tasks?” and “What if I need help on my math homework to have more free time for hobbies?” Fortunately, there is a solution to all these issues. You can find various writing services that will do the entire job for you. and similar services are ready to provide you with professional help with dozens of types of academic papers. In case you don’t know which platform to choose, feel free to read EduBirdie reviews, as well as the reviews to other services to discover all their pros and cons. When you finally chose your best writing service and placed an order for your academic tasks, it’s time to start learning Photoshop.

Top websites with free Photoshop tutorials

You can find tons of various lessons and guides on how to use Photoshop online. However, some information might appear to be outdated since the program is constantly being updated. Still, there are a few sites that provide you with the freshest and the most up-to-date information about Photoshop.

Adobe’s Tutorials

The best place to learn the basic functions of the program is the Photoshop guide available right on the program’s official website. All the tutorials are divided into different categories according to the skill levels. Thus, you will find tons of useful information for complete newbies, as well as plenty of data for more experienced professionals. In case you prefer video guides, you can also watch short videos about the most widely used Photoshop features, including color correction, shape tools, masking, and using layers. You can also have some practical lessons and watch project-based user guides for beginners.


This website contains tons of useful information about editing pictures. Although there are many paid tutorials, you will surely find lots of free options. These are mostly project-based tutorials, so you will be able to put all your knowledge into practice right at once. You will find free lessons about color correction, compression, brushes, and other popular tools.

How to master photoshop?

We’ve collected some easy tricks that will help you start using Photoshop like an expert and get astonishing pictures easily.

Edit Exposure

Exposure is one of the most important features of any image. Correcting the exposure allows improving the quality of your image and in just a couple of clicks. Impress your friends with outstanding pictures with minimum efforts!

This function can be found in Adjustments available on the main menu. Here you can also find other useful utilities, such as Shadows, Brightness, and Contrast. All of them are completely understandable and can be applied easily. In case you want to boost your skills, it is recommended to learn how to use a histogram. This function is a bit more complicated but allows you to take full control over your image.

Color adjustment

In case you are a professional photographer, there might be no need to use this function. However, it is still important for beginners. Color adjustment allows you to correct saturation, vibrance, and other necessary parameters of your photo. The most common tool for color adjustment is Color Balance that is intuitively understandable for users without any editing experience. The other popular tool for beginners is Selective Color that can help you change the one and only selected color. For example, you can change the color of the hat on the model without changing the other colors. It is important to note that using Photo Filters allows for preserving the original copy of your image. Therefore, you can easily experiment with colors and tones having an opportunity to return to the primary option.

Remove undesirable spots

Selective editing and correction is another essential part of making your photos look excellent. By the way, this issue is often caused by a dirty sensor. Therefore, it is always better to clean it before taking pictures. However, you can always delete small imperfections from your photos with the help of these tools:

  • Healing brush
  • Patch brush
  • Clone stamp

All these tools are designed for both beginners and professional editors.

All in all, learning how to use Photoshop as an expert requires plenty of time and lots of effort. Fortunately, with the simple hints mentioned above, you will be able to get fantastic and professionally-looking pictures within the shortest terms. Just follow the secret tricks offered by our media experts and enjoy having outstanding pictures in a matter of clicks. You can also sharpen your editing skills and complete various Photoshop lessons available to the mass audience online. Just get started and you will be amazed by how easy and user-friendly Photoshop is!

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