How writing apps help college students with their studies

College students spend a lot of time and strength to cope with their academic assignments. They make some mistakes they don’t even recognize, cannot plan their time reasonably, don’t understand some requirements, etc. Thanks to smart apps, students receive a unique opportunity to overcome all those difficulties.

Professional essay writing services like this one can help college students with their academic writing problems. They offer a team of certificated and competent essay writers. They meet the toughest academic standards, compose top-quality papers, and ensure many other dividends on fair terms. You may even download an application to your gadget at App Store and so, access them online whenever the need appears.

Intelligent applications are created with different goals. They can help students in a variety of ways. This article highlights the most important benefits of using writing apps.


The first benefit of writing apps is quite obvious. They help to enhance writing skills. Intelligent programs allow for improving various aspects related to the art of writing. They help to easily edit and spot some mistakes. Some of them offer practical prompts every time you get stuck with something. It’s also possible to make instant notes, format the text and fulfill many other functions.

Here are some of the best options for you.

  • ProWritingAid;
  • MS NotePad and Mac TextEdit;
  • Libre Office;
  • iA Writer, etc.

Mind that there are many more. Try different apps to define the one which suits you the best.


Of course, it’s also possible to improve reading comprehension and skills. Many interactive programs help to understand even the hidden symbolism of some authors. Smart games, quizzes, and other features sufficiently enhance reading abilities in children and adults. They help to increase the speed of reading, fluency, grammar, etc. Such apps like Scanner Pro allow for scanning and memorizing different printed books.

The best versions are:

  • Rainbow Sentences;
  • Reading Comprehension;
  • SentenceBuilder;
  • StoryBuilder, etc.

Time Management

Students know how valuable time is. Every paper has a strict deadline that cannot be violated. Therefore, they must write their assignments fast enough to meet their deadlines. Not all can cope with them on time. Luckily, technology can help them too.

  • Evernote;
  • My Study Life;
  • Rescue Time;
  • Focus Booster, etc.

These applications speed up the process of writing in general. When you see a writing app, you instantly begin to think that it will give some writing prompts, underline common mistakes, help with the word choice, and so on. However, most people forget that some preparations and other so to speak “administrative” measures should be also included in the writing process.

Every stage has its own demands and requires time. Students waste heaps of time because their notes are disorganized. Thanks to these apps, you can take instant notes, set reminders, and deadlines, add explanations, etc. Thus, you will organize the entire writing process and will save a lot of time.


The issue of grammar is one of the most troublesome aspects of writing for merely everyone. No matter how good your grammar is, some mistakes are inevitable. Moreover, many students aren’t even aware of some mistakes. Smart grammar checkers will show you all the mistakes. You’ll steadily memorize them even if you don’t take instant notes about them.

Here are some good options:

  • Grammarly;
  • The Hemingway Editor;
  • No Red Ink;
  • Ginger, etc.


Many folks write some words incorrectly. They may confuse some words like “write” and “right”, “two” and “too”, etc. Spellcheckers will help to solve this and many other issues. You will memorize your typical spelling errors and won’t repeat them anymore.

You are free to use the following spell-checking apps:

  • American Word Speller;
  • Google Docs;
  • Spelling Monster;
  • Spelling Teacher, etc.


One of the common demands is to write authentic papers. It means that papers should have NO signs of plagiarism. When a student simply copies and so, steals the work of other authors, his/her teacher will immediately understand that. However, some students may not know that they plagiarize other authors repeating some of their phrases. Thanks to plagiarism checkup, they can see whether they violate this rule or not. The demand for uniqueness is compulsory and very vital. It costs a lot of grades and so, students are obliged to meet it.

Using proper anti-plagiarism programs, you can easily meet this demand. Here are some good checkers for your use:

  • DupliChecker;
  • Copyleaks;
  • PaperRater
  • Plagiarisma, etc.


You can easily enlarge your vocabulary. Using some smart apps, you will learn new words faster and productively. They offer different mind-maps, quizzes, flashcards, etc. This all is very funny and entertaining. Amongst the best apps of this series are:

  • Memrise;
  • Duolingo;
  • LinguaLift;
  • Hello Talk, etc.


Most students hate to revise their essays. Nevertheless, this stage is important if they want to escape many mistakes. With the help of different grammar, spelling, and style checking programs, this process will run much faster and productively. You’re free to use the apps mentioned above or try some similar ones. Their combination will help to quickly spot some typical mistakes, memorize them and become a better writer.

The resourcefulness of smart apps is almost immeasurable. Alongside the benefits we have already mentioned, one may find apps to improve mathematics, memory, organizational skills and so on. Try different inventions for different academic purposes. Define the most effective ones and use them for your learning to gain the best results and improve your exam writing skills.

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