Five Killer Strategies to get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

Get More Likes On Facebook Page

Facebook isn’t all about social networking, fun, likes, and photos. For few, it is one of the best ways to expand their business and get more visitors to blogs and websites. And with millions of referrals from Facebook, they aren’t doing it for bad! Check out these five killer strategies to get more likes on Facebook Page.

Killer Strategies to get more Likes on Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are really a great way to publicize anything, be it a small business or a public cause. Being a simple guy, I am not worried about the number of likes on my page but many are! And for those who just don’t know how to publicize a Facebook page, here’s a small compendium of five strategies that will help you do just the same.

Use Facebook as Profile

Do you observe the drop-down arrow on the top right of your profile? Yep, the one you use to log out. Have you ever noticed those buttons of Use Facebook as? If not, just click on the page you want to publicize. Now you’re using Facebook as that page! You can like pages and posts on those pages (You can’t add friends though) and the name that will show up will be the page name! And just one intelligent comment and you might just attract readers who click that enchanting Like button!Get More Likes On Facebook Page

Comment on Blogs

Most blogs allow commenting. You can comment on blogs, linking to your Facebook page! Make sure the comment is mature and please read the entire article before commenting. May just increase your Like counter.Get More Likes On Facebook Page

Ask Questions

Asking a viral question gives a much more gripping effect on the answerer as compared to any other content, take photos or status updates. Ask a really witty and confusing question and once it gets viral, you’ll get hoards of Likes!Get More Likes On Facebook Page

Post regularly

A page posting regularly gets the reader spot on, reflecting its stability. Also, include images in posts. A really great option during posting is, tagging some pages in your posts. Like courtesy- ABCD! (If you’ve copied content from page ABCD.

Refer and get referred

Get a bunch of trustworthy besties and ask them to refer your pages to their friend circles. Grab a popular fellow to do this, and hola!! Your page gets Likes and Likes! Although this strategy is considered amateurish, you can carry on!

Get these five killer strategies to work and get more likes on Facebook Page. If you do it right, you may get hundreds of likes per day. Don’t over-publicize and tone down. Just stay calm and don’t give up. Someday, you’ll succeed. These are tried and tested methods!

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