List of Hidden iOS 12 Features

Hidden iOS 12 Features

iOS 12 introduced several changes including minor tweaks and new and updated features but not all of them qualify to find a space in the list of hidden iOS 12 features. We have handpicked some great hidden features that we discovered in the Apple’s latest iOS 12 release. Take a look at the list given below.

Hidden iOS 12 features list

  • Automatic Updates – In Settings > General > Software Update, you can now choose to automatically update your iOS device. It will run in the background without seeking the user’s approval.

  • Two new accents – In addition to American, Australian, or British accents, you’ll notice Irish and South African also listed in iOS 12.
  • Flip FaceTime Camera: Tap on the three dots or menu, and you should see Flip camera menu.
  • Battery Percentage:  Swipe to control center, and you can see the battery percentage.
  • USB Accessories – This will help you to securely connect USB accessories. It will also make sure to strengthen privacy furthermore against sophisticated threats.
  • FaceTime shortcuts in Messages– You can see handy shortcuts in Message. You can instantly start the audio call, FaceTime, or just view info of the person you’re messaging.
  • Lyrics Data – Don’t remember the Album name but know how it goes? Type a few lines and Apple will find the album for you.
  • Air Quality in Weather app – Monitors air quality.

  • QR Code – Holding down on a QR code now offers you some extra options for an action based on its content.
  • Loud music warning message – The music player now alerts you when you’re just about to exceed safe volume limits.
  • Additional time limit for deleted images – Recently deleted pictures will stay up to 40 days now.
  • Transfer Audio – iOS 12 supports a feature to allow you to transfer audio from calls to Apple Watch.
  • New checkmark animation – The new icon confirms that your message was delivered when you invoke Siri to send a message.
  • Apple Books – There’s a fresh new look given to Apple Books app. The navigation options have been reworked to make it easier for users to discover, read and listen to their favorite books. A new Reading Now tab shows a preview of your most recently read book and pick up from where you last left off.

  • Keyboard – Turn the QuickType keyboard into a trackpad by simply touching and holding the space bar. No 3D Touch required.
  • Photo link sharing – When sharing photos, the app can create an iCloud link which is going to be viewable for 30 days.
  • New Language dictionaries – Three new language dictionaries:
    • Arabic and English bilingual dictionary.
    • Hindi and English bilingual dictionary and,
    • Hebrew dictionary in addition to the earlier ones.
  • Improved Face ID – Face ID now works with open mouth.
  • Favicons in Safari on iPad – You can view website favicons on tabs in Safari. This will help you to identify your open tabs at a glance.

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