List of PSP Homebrew Games: Best Homebrew games for PSP

List of Homebrew PSP Games

Are you looking for the list of Homebrew PSP Games? Well, you can quickly run homebrew games on your PSP console provided that you have appropriate firmware, compatible with homebrew. That said, we are here with the list of best PSP homebrew games to download right away.

List of PSP Homebrew Games

  1. Wagic, The Homebrew
  2. SilverEdge
  3. Nazi Zombies Portable
  4. Asteroids
  5. PSPokemon Grey
  6. Mindcraft
  7. Lamecraft
  8. No Bugs Allowed
  9. Flyer
  10. Alice in: Pasta Crocket

What is Homebrew? 

Before we start detailing the list, it is essential to understand “homebrew” and its requirements. Notably, Homebrew is a term used to describe games and other software developed at home by individual people instead of big companies. Homebrew applications and games have been made for many systems, including PC, Xbox, iPods, etc. and, more importantly, PlayStation Portable in this case.

What are its requirements for Homebrew PSP Games?

Running Homebrew games on PSP requires a custom firmware (Cfw). Note that Cfw is only available on the PSP 1000s and 2000s without the TA83v3 motherboard.

Homebrew is a way of “hacking” the system to run applications that people make. Therefore, it will void your warranty. Once you proceed with Cfw, you won’t be able to revert to the official firmware.

Now that you have installed a favorable firmware and are ready to install Homebrew games on PSP, let us get started with the list of best homebrew PSP games:

1] Wagic, The Homebrew

Wagic, The Homebrew

Wagic, the Homebrew is a heroic fantasy card game, in which you fight as a wizard against the CPU. Following the same, you can win battles to unlock new game modes and earn credits to upgrade your army. Although you begin the game with only a small collection of cards symbolizing spells and creatures, there are thousands of cards to be collected throughout the gameplay. This community-driven game is highly customizable, and you can create themes, mods, even new rules without any issues.

Download Wagic, The Homebrew here!

2] SilverEdge

Silver Edge

If you enjoy games like Tyrian or Rrootage, you’re going to love Silveredge. That said, it is more of a bullet-curtain space shooter game for PSP. Everything ranging from graphics to audio effects, music, and menus seems to be polished and impressive, provided that it’s a homebrew game. As soon as you kick start the game, the explanation for the controls is part of the gameplay. The game is so good that it may even compete with some of the commercially developed games.

Download Silveredge here!

3] Nazi Zombies Portable

Nazi Zombie Game

Nazi Zombies Portable is indeed one of the most advanced Quake mods around here. The simple aim of the game aim is to fortify yourself inside a house and survive from constant attacks by zombies. No doubt, you’ll die eventually, but the goal is to survive as long as you can. You may not have heard much about the game, but it is undoubtedly worth giving a try.

Download Nazi Zombies Portable here!

4] Asteroids

Asteriods PSP Game

As the name suggests, Asteroids for PSP is a space adventure arcade game. In the game, you are required to control a small spaceship that is facing a slew of asteroids approaching aggressively towards your machine. Your goal is to destroy the spheres while avoiding being smashed by the latter. The fun to play character makes this one of the best in our list of homebrew PSP games.

Download Asteroids here!

5] PSPokemon Grey

PSPokeman Grey

PSPokemon Grey is a fanmade Homebrew based on PSPokemon. As you’d expect, you can interact with Pokemon trainers and others to start collecting your Pokemon.

Download PSPokemon Grey here!

6] Mindcraft

Mindcraft PSP Game

Mindcraft is a 2D clone of Minecraft for PSP. You have your inventory to store stuff, just like the original Minecraft. Place blocks, build walls and floor, dig holes, and what not!

Download Mindcraft here!

7] Lamecraft

Lamecraft PSP Game

Lamecraft is yet another PSP homebrew that mimics the same concept as the famous PC game that is now available on various devices, Minecraft. Being one of PSP’s best homebrews in the old days, it has also been the winner of the PSP Genesis competition in 2011. Unlike Mindcraft, Lamecraft incorporates 3D graphics from older versions of Minecraft. Also, it seems to be based on a survival mode gameplay of the original.

Download Lamecraft here!

8] No Bugs Allowed

No Bugs Allowed is bliss for spider-haters. In this game, you’ll be pitted against waves and waves of spider-like aliens while your primary objective being survival, for as long as you can. You can obtain money by killing enemies and later use the same to buy and upgrade your weapons between rounds at the ship terminal. Enemy waves grow stronger over time; hence, its necessary to be geared up.

Download No Bugs Allowed here!

9] Flyer

Homebrew PSP Games

The Flyer is a classic top-down shooter game where you play as a spaceship pilot. It involves a lot of fun while you complete each level by achieving objectives on the way to reach the end.

Download Flyer here!

10] Alice in Pasta Crocket

List of Homebrew PSP Games

Alice in: Pasta Crocket is all about getting trapped by the queen of hearts in a place between earth and space. To free yourself from this nightmare, you must now face a lemon pie, which will send you lots of surprises and traps.

Download Alice in Pasta Crocket here!

So this was our handpicked list of homebrew PSP games. Let us know what’s your favorite from the above list. That said, don’t forget to reach us in the comments in case of any queries.

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