The mystery behind Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has an unusual sense of dressing. Majority of the time, he is seen wearing a dark hoodie which he seldom removes. Be it for the investors meeting or the visit to NASDAQ for its IPO, Zuckerberg never seemed to let go of the hoodie. Why? We have a few questions. And a few answers too. Let’s read more on Mark Zuckerberg hoodie.

The mystery behind Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hoodie

At the D8 conference in June 2010, Mark Zuckerberg was convinced into removing his hoodie by the co-hosts Kara Wisher and Walt Mossberg. A profusely sweating Zuckerberg hesitantly removed the hoodie only to reveal a mysterious insignia. It was SFWeekly that reconstructed it which goes by as follows:

Mark Zuckerberg hoodie.
The mysterious picture inscribed on the inside of Zuckerberg’s hoodie

Upon being questioned, a visually disturbed and tensed Zuckerberg explained that it actually revolves around Facebook’s policy and motto of “Making the World More Open and Connected“. We would have believed it but the unusual behavior of Zuckerberg all through this questioning raised many doubts. He was sweating heavily, was clearly hesitant of removing the hoodie (he even refused initially) and tried to gain back his composure while looking at the audience (in vain).

Mark Zuckerberg after removing his hoodie at the D8 conference 2010

Rumors started floating about his association with the Illuminati, being backed by the six-pointed star which is visible at the core of the illustration. Mark Zuckerberg is also rumored to be a member of the Free Masons. Though we would not delve in deep here we do know that there is a secret which Mark Zuckerberg is holding on tightly. Now whether he is a part of the group which swears by the ‘New World Order’ or is a simple person with zero fashion sense, only time and he, himself can tell.

As of late, Mark Zuckerberg hoodie. has been severely criticized for attending an important investors meeting dressed up in pajamas and the hoodie. Observers say that it reflects his lack of seriousness towards investors.

He might be a billionaire but Zuckerberg seriously needs some fashion advice.