Nine unusual uses for 3D Printed Objects

No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, 3D printed objects are likely invading your world. The future of 3D printing is incredibly bright, and the pathway toward this worldwide success is being carved right before our eyes. Today, the many burgeoning possibilities behind these powerful machines are more of a reality than ever. From engagement rings to runway-ready art pieces, the limitlessness of the 3D printer is beyond promising.

Whether you’re into gardening, fashion, sports, healthcare, or interior design, there is a multitude of unusual 3D printed objects that will shock, surprise, and impress you! We’ve compiled a list of our nine favorites.

  1. Prosthetic Limbs

3D printed prosthetic limbs have become more and more common as the technology behind it has become more advanced. Take Denise Schindler for example. The Olympic-level athlete lost her leg at the age of two after a life-changing train accident. Today, she is a proud Paralympic medalist with a 3D printed prosthesis perfectly adapted to her unique body and her bike. Naturally, this level of creation requires a large 3D printer that you’d most likely find in a factory setting than an engineer’s household.

  1. Drones

Any lover of photography, drones, or both, will appreciate an impressive 3D printed drone. The Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft requires an astounding 10-minute assembly process— that’s it! The SULSA drone doesn’t require any expensive screws or fasteners for complete assembly. Reaching speeds up to 90 MPH and a battery life of up to 30 minutes, this 3D printed drone is one of a kind.

  1. Mini Wind Turbines

A 3D printed mini-wind turbine is an eco-friendly addition to any garden or greenscape. Engineered to lift water into a gravity feed when connected to a small water pump, these turbines are also electricity generators by turning a breeze into energy.

  1. Running Shoes

Adidas, Nike, and New Balance have all jumped on the 3D printing bandwagon, joining the ranks of engineers looking toward the future for more sustainable manufacturing. Turning a digital idea into a shoe you can run in, these carbon resin designed soles are supremely complemented by mesh uppers and rubber outsoles.

  1. Engagement Rings

Believe it or not, engagement rings have become 3D printing material! FourMine has pioneered the way toward creating replica engagement rings. According to co-founder Slisha Kankayrina, “We’re revolutionizing this experience with the use of 3D printing technology and a free home preview that lets consumers try 3D printed, realistic replicas of their favorite ring styles at home before they buy.” Try before you buy has never glittered so brightly!

  1. Musical Instruments

Building musical instruments is an age-old art form that has entered the digital age in a big way. Replacing wood and ivory with PLA and ABS, instrument makers can make wind, string, and many other music-makers within moments. Soon enough, we’ll be able to see full-sized orchestras with 3D printed instruments!

  1. Apparel

3D modeling meets runway modeling. Fashion is an ever-changing force of human nature that keeps us constantly intrigued by the many possibilities and ways we can creatively express ourselves. Clever mesh designs turn into exquisite skirts and tops or robotic knitting transforms into a 3D printed seamless blazer. Anticipate seeing more 3D printed clothing in the future!

  1. Hydroponic Pots

Anyone with a green thumb knows how much care and time goes into carefully potting, growing, and reporting. 3D printed hydroponic pots are engineered to allow your plants to grow and root however they please, without any of constriction of a typical pot. As long as they’re created from Imagin Plastics PLA materials or similar material, these planter pots are also recyclable!

  1. Custom Golf Clubs

Golfing is an expensive hobby which means the equipment tends to run a significant bill. For those who are infatuated with personalized gear but not-so-much into the price tags, 3D printed custom-made golf clubs are a brilliant alternative to a store-bought club. Developed to fit the style and physique of the player and accented to complement your creative tastes, 3D printed golf clubs are gorgeous substitutes for the norm.

The future is near! Turning nothing into something is a concept that has taken to every realm of our world. Do you have any 3D printed device favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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