5 Best Plug-ins for WordPress Blog

WordPress offers most decent platform for both, professionals and non-professionals when it comes to blogging.

Regardless of creating the best physical appearance and aesthetic value of your WordPress blog, you, as a blogger who maintain it have a great chance to maximize its performance. Therefore, many web developers and webmasters have started coming up with the best Caching Plug-in for WordPress Blogs.

 In this post, I will let you know the secrets of some bloggers like how they get huge traffic, top ranks for search engines, thousands of page views per day, etc. One major reason why other bloggers failed to get those benefits in blogging is, they did not know how to maximize the use of their plug-ins, or else, they never knew which were the best plug-in to be used in WordPress for blogging.

So, before it’s too late for you to be one of those, let me reveal to you the WordPress plug-ins. I and other bloggers consider best Cache Plug-ins for WordPress blogging.

Here are 5 Best WordPress Plug-ins for WordPress Blog

W3 Total Cache – This WordPress plug-in is considered as the best plug-in for WordPress blogging community because of the two (2) reasons:

  • It loads pages faster for your website or blog and restores the static version of your blog.
  • It requires less CPU (Central Processing Unit) processing than using WordPress itself.

WP DBManager – This plug-in is perfect for doing automated back-ups, database optimization, and it even allows you to manage your admin pages for occasional queries within your WordPress home.

VaultPress – This is an excellent plug-in if you want to monetize your website or blog. This plug-in helps you back-up your blog like WP DB Manager, but the only difference is it checks serious anomalies and fixes them automatically.

SEO Smart Links – This best plug-in is used for interlinking your articles within your site. Now, are you interlinking your articles? In my blog, I use to interlink my old post to my new post.

Note: Interlink an old post only if it is relevant to your new post. This will help you build great Page Rank throughout your site and it is the great way for readers to find your old articles with the same subject. SEO Smart Links plug-in automatically interlinks keywords with the same subject on your article, within your site or blog.

MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja – This WordPress plug-in is amazing. It converts keywords that you identify, track clicks and does much more if you are using affiliate programs. So, what you need to do if you are an affiliate of a certain product is just activate your affiliate links on your WordPress Dashboard and this plug-in will do the affiliate job for you, so you won’t have to chase down as an affiliate marketer.

There is even thousands of Best WordPress Plug-ins that you can use in your WordPress blog, in order for you to achieve the highest performance of your site. But what I have revealed above are best plug-ins that you should not miss if you aim for success in blogging. As I end this sharing, let me remind you that blogging is not instant, but, it takes time.

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