How to stop people from Tagging me in Facebook Photos

Facebook features a very popular option – Tagging that lets us add tags to anything we post, be it photos, updates or comments. The feature, however, really annoys me like hell at times. Why? Firstly, all the tagging updates directly go to my Facebook profile and reside there as a notification in news feeds. Plus, to my surprise, at times, I find myself tagged in totally unrelated terrible pics. In this guide, we share how you can stop people from Tagging me in Facebook Photos.

How to stop people from Tagging me in Facebook Photos

Searching for a solution, I landed over Privacy Settings and found the solution to my problem there I adjusted my profile visibility —Maximum Profile Visibility privacy setting– that limited other people’s ability to view my tagged photos, via my profile (Timeline). If you too were looking for the same solution then you have visited the right place. So, let us in this post see how to restrict unwanted photo-tagging by Facebook friends.

  • Click the drop-down menu located at the top-right of your Facebook Home page and choose Privacy settings from it.

Facebook Privacy Settings

  • Then, under the ‘imeline and Tagging section, choose Edit Settings option. The feature lets you control what happens when friends tag you or your content or post on your timeline.
  • In the window that will show up on your computer screen, Click to edit the ‘Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline’ Setting.

stop people from Tagging me in Facebook Photos

  • Then, from the drop-down menu choose your audience to whom you would like to make visible the posts you are tagged in.

stop people from Tagging me in Facebook Photos

  • Also, if you would like to adjust settings more, you can turn on ‘Profile Timeline Review’ where you can approve or reject photo tags that friends add to your timeline.

stop people from Tagging me in Facebook Photos

Disable Face Recognition

This is another feature you should disable for auto-tagging in the photos. Facebook has a come a long way, and it can detect your face from photos posted anywhere in the social platform.

Facebook Face Recognition Settings

There is a setting–Face Recognition–which you can change if you don’t want Facebook to auto recognize you. It says

To recognize whether you’re in a photo or video our system compares it with your profile picture and photos and videos that you’re tagged in. This lets us know when you’re in other photos and videos so we can create better experiences. 

These settings make sure get rid of auto-tag in a picture unless you approve it. If you want to stay anonymous on Facebook, this is the first step.

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