Sales Funnels for Social Media

Social media isn’t just for talking with friends and aimlessly scrolling through the news feeds. When it comes to marketing, social platforms can be one of the best outlets for generating leads and making sales, even daily.

So how can you get the best out of social media, without spending every waking second glued to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram? You can do it through the use of sales funnels.

Let’s talk a little about this powerful marketing tool and how you can connect it to multiple marketing efforts on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Sales Funnels And Social Media: The Biggest Benefits

The phrase sales funnel has been growing for many years now, and for a good reason too. After all, sales funnels have been the fuel for many online businesses, allowing them to grow at an accelerated rate by capturing leads and making many more sales.

Sales funnels, when combined with social media, is like lightning in a bottle. Just in case you’re not familiar with a sales funnel, it’s a series of steps that lead towards your visitors making a single goal.

Whether you want to use a newer sales funnel software or older software, the goals are mostly going to be the same. Most of the time, the goal is going to be to make a sale. Other goals include generating leads, getting a response, filling out an application, and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of combining sales funnels with social media now.

Potential Clients And Customers Will Start Seeking You

This is the difference between a lot of newbie marketers and experienced marketers. Newbie marketers are always having to chase customers and clients, while on the other hand, veterans always seem to attract customers and clients without much effort.

When you set up your sales funnel on social media, it will always be available for those to see what you have to offer. In other words, they are seeking you out, as opposed to you chasing them all day long way.

In terms of Facebook, you can add a link to your sales funnel in your profile, cover photo section, and even when you make your normal posts. The same goes for YouTube, except for the fact that you can add your sales funnel in the description of videos that are highly related.

It’s not only a great way to get highly-targeted traffic but that traffic will also be seeking you.

Automate Your Marketing

Let’s give an example of someone who is trying to get more people into their downline for a network marketing product. I know I know, everyone seems to love MLM, but just go along with me for this example, okay?

Normally, this person would have to find their prospects, reach out to them, and then answer all of their questions and counter any objections that they might have. If you think about it, this process can be time-consuming.

Thanks to the power of a sales funnel, you can automate most of the aspects that you would have needed to do yourself. After someone opts into your sales funnel, they usually get sent to a video that talks about all of the valuable product information.

Plus, it’s another great way to answer questions as well. If they don’t purchase right away, the subscribers will get automated emails that cover objections, answer even more questions, and lightly make a recommendation to get started with the product.

You’ll Have More Freedom

This benefit was saved for last, especially for the fact that it’s somewhat been mentioned when it comes to automation. However, this is something that not a lot of marketers realize, and it’s that sales funnels allow you much more freedom.

Just think about all of the activities that you’ll no longer have to focus on after you have your sales funnel set up and ready to receive traffic. This is one of the biggest benefits, especially for social media marketers who find themselves spending a whole lot of time browsing through newsfeeds.

When you start thinking in terms of the time that a sales funnel will free up, then the price to use any sales funnel software doesn’t become as big of a deal. Depending on where you are with your online business, this could be one of the best strategies for you.

So a sales funnel will ultimately allow you to free up your time and give you more freedom, automate your marketing, generate more leads and sales, and no longer have to worry about chasing all of your customers and clients.

If you haven’t started using a sales funnel for your social media marketing efforts, then it’s safe to say that you should get started as soon as possible. Unless those benefits above aren’t all that beneficial for you, but that wouldn’t be the case, right?