How to send Money with Apple Watch (U.S. only)

The primary motivation behind designing Apple Pay was to make it easy for Apple users to go cashless. The service quickly became a popular way to make person to person payments on iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch. Today, we look at the method to send money with Apple Watch. We will also share how you can receive and request money using Apple Watch.

How to Send money with Apple Watch (U.S. only) via iMessages

You can send money by just asking Siri to pay someone in your contacts using iMessage. You don’t need to install any additional app for this purpose. This is keeping in mind that your debit or credit cards already added to Apple Pay can be used for enabling the transaction.

Assuming you already have money added to Apple Pay Cash, open the Messages app on your Apple Watch.

1] Begin a new conversation and then gently tap the Apple Pay button.

Apple Pay option

2] Now, to fix the amount in dollars, gently turn the Digital Crown (cyclic or anti-cyclic manner). Alternatively, you can tap the plus or minus button.

3] When done, tap Pay. Confirm the action by double-clicking the side button to send.

4] As soon as the transaction is completed at your end, a confirmation message will appear on your Apple Watch screen. By default, the amount value is subtracted from your Apple Pay Cash balance first.

If the funds in it are insufficient then, the remainder is automatically debited from your debit or credit card. If the payment is made via a Credit card then a transaction cost of 3% is incurred.

How to Cancel Payment made through Apple Watch?

If you wish to cancel the payment here’s how,

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and choose My Watch.
  • Then, tap Wallet & Apple Pay > Apple Pay Cash card.
  • Go to Transactions > unpaid transaction, then select Cancel Payment option.

Bear in mind, you can cancel a payment so long as the recipient chooses not to accept it. Transactions funded with a debit card or the Apple Pay Cash balance are completely free and incur no additional costs.

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