How to Share Google Books with Google+ Friend Circles

Google Books

Google is taking its new baby Google+ to new heights day by day. Recently they have added Games tab to Google+ Social Network and also indexed Google+ public posts in the Google search results. Now you can share your favorite books available in Google Books with your friends in the Google+ circles.

Google Books has vast collection of books which are available for the online reading and only few pages of it are available for reading. The book need to be purchased through online book’s stores. If you are a blogger and you found a great book about Blogging which is a worth one to share with your Google+ friends you can do that from the Book’s about page. If you are not a blogger, then also you can share any kind of books available on Google Books for sharing with your friends.

How to Share Google Books with Google+

Step1: Login to your Google account.

Step2: Go to Google books and enter the book query to search the book in the book search bar.

Step3: A list of search results are displayed for your search, then select your favorite book and navigate into about page of that book.

Step4: At the top right corner, locate Google+ Share button and hit it.

Google Books


Step5: A Share dialogue box popup’s, enter the description about the book then select the circles with whom you want to share and hit Share button at the end.

Google Books2

You can also copy and paste URL of the book’s page in the share box of the Google+. Let us know your opinion more on sharing Google Books on Google +.

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