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If in this day and age you are still signing documents the old-fashioned way, then this article is for you. Today, professionals and businesses are switching to e-signatures that are legally binding and convenient.

With e-signatures, businesses have a quick and convenient way of sealing a deal online without much hassle. The most advanced e-signature generators allow even multiple people to sign documents simultaneously.

In this post, you will learn all about signing pdf online using a free electronic signature. Read on to find what the e-signature provider has to offer. The e-signature solution offers reliable service to professionals and businesses.

CocoSign – The best electronic signature solution

Thanks to CocoSign, business partners can electronically sign legally binding contracts online. The software provides a secure platform that complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS security standards.

With CocoSign, you get 14 days of free trial. Even after the trial period, the plans for this software provide advanced features at an affordable rate. Best of all, you get to use already available templates or even create your own free of charge.

What’s more, you get notifications and reminders. If you need to know how this professional free electronic signature works check this great guide. With CocoSign, you get a popular online electronic signature generator.

What are some of the popular CocoSign features?

Cocosign is a popular electronic signature trusted by both individuals and businesses. The app has even gained the attention of media outlets like BuzzFeed and Tom’s Guide. Here are some of the popular features of this app.

  1. Supports digital signatures

CocoSign ensures all your pdf files are safe by adding digital signatures that notify you when someone tampers with them. Apart from the electronic signature that you either draw or write, CocoSign also encrypts your document.

  1. Easy to use

With CocoSign, you won’t have to train anyone to use the software and access its features. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use. You only need to use any device with access to the internet to start signing documents.

  1. Multi-signature support

If some documents require signatures from different entities, CocoSign allows you to add them as signatories. The software lets you and anyone else you invite to sign the pdf documents remotely over the internet.

Best of all, you get to determine the sequence in which the signatories insert their signatures. To include signatures from these signatories, you only need to share with them the CocoSign document link.

  1. Includes templates

CocoSign comes with dozens of document templates catering to different sectors. For instance, you can opt to use document templates for employment contracts, legal papers, and letters among others.

Also, you get to create your custom templates and save them for future use. Besides, you can edit templates to meet your needs. What’s more, you get to save your signature for use in the future.

What makes CocoSign trustworthy and reliable?

First things first, CocoSign complies with industry security standards. Below are some of the things that make CocoSign stand out.

  1. Secure

CocoSign uses 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure all your signed documents are safe during transmission. The service ensures your records are safe from hackers or unauthorized access.

  1. Legal

With CocoSign, you can use the e-signature for business or professional purposes across over 180 countries globally. E-signatures in this app are valid and legally binding.

  1. Confidential

Thanks to the compliance with the GDPR, Cocosign ensures your data remains protected. So, for all the pdf files you share with partners, CocoSign will ensure confidential details like name and address are protected.

  1. Unlimited cloud storage

With CocoSign, you get enough storage to archive signed documents. The available storage saves thousands of files online before they auto-expire. Alternatively, you can download the files and save them locally.

  1. Multiple device support

With CocoSign, you only need a web browser to start signing pdf documents online. So, you can sign the document using any device with a browser such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Using CocoSign to sign pdf online

The process of signing pdf files online free of charge using CocoSign is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Locate the pdf you want to sign and upload it to CocoSign. With CocoSign, you can upload the file by either dragging and dropping it or attaching it. Apart from pdf, CocoSign allows you to upload doc, jpg, and xls.

What’s more, you can upload the files from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Box. Once you are done uploading the document, click Next.

Step 2: Now, sign the pdf file. CocoSign allows you to sign the pdf file in two ways. You can either draw the signature or upload an image of the signature. Apart from adding a signature, CocoSign allows you to include details like email, initials, date/time, and text.

Step 3: Next, download the signed document. When you are done signing the document, click the Next button to download the file. Before you can download the signed file, CocoSign requires you signup free of charge.

After signing up or signing in, CocoSign will let you download the files or send them to your email. What’s more, you can send the file to other partners to sign the document.


The rise of e-signatures is transforming the way businesses operate online. Professionals and businesses are switching to e-signatures for their convenience and to improve operations in the digital age.

For a reliable e-signature solution, check out CocoSign.

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