Six Features WhatsApp should introduce to stay the king of Mobile Messaging

WhatsApp is without doubt the Numero Uno when it comes to mobile messaging platform. Facebook owned service has currently 700 million active users till last count, which is by far the largest for any messaging platform. It is not only the number of users which are currently on WhatsApp, there is high usage of app.

Almost 70% of the users use the service daily making the App most engaged platform with average users spending as high as 195 minutes a week. WhatsApp users send and receive over 30 billion messages daily. WhatsApp users also send and share 700 million photos and 300 million audio and video messages.

WhatsApp is one success story in the crowd of ever growing market of other competitive products such as Line, Viber, Snapchat, Hike, WeChat, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, BBM, ChatOn and others. Though WhatsApp with its Ad-Free interface and simple to use design is by far a winner, there are a number of features which the competitors have built in their product and the WhatsApp users would love the feature in their favorite App.

  1. Message Recall: Have you ever regretted after sending a message, or may be pasting an Adult Joke in a family group instead of sending it to your drinking buddies!!! Message recall is surely a face saver in such tricky situation. Most of the other leading messengers like ChatON, Hike, BBM are offering Message Recall facility. This would definitely be one of the coolest features.
  2. Auto Destruct: Snapchat is built on the premise to keep your chats personal. Once a chat is read by the user it got auto-deleted. WhatsApp could surely have feature of sharing time bound messages to its users. The Auto destruct feature could be used for sharing sensitive information over the App. Users should be allowed to set the limit of the self-destruct time.
  3. Stickers: Stickers are a fun way to express one’s self. WhatsApp currently has support fstickersor emoticons which are a bit outdated. Emoticons are more fun and current, with messengers like Hike making them Language and Regional specific, they find better connect with the users. Apps like Line and Hike charge users for these stickers, making it part of their revenue stream.
  4. Support of PDF & Word File over attachment: Users can share photos, videos and audios over WhatsApp, but there is not support for other files. It would be great when you are chatting with a friend or colleague you can share text files or other common usable files. With bulk of the computing shifting to mobile and emergence of Smartphones as preferred phones, it make sense to add this little feature.
  5. Better Privacy: Though WhatsApp claims to be very robust system, virtually anyone who is not in your blocked list can send you message. Anyone who has your number can send you messages. This is in sharp contrast to other messengers like BBM, iMessage or Hike, where you have to manually add and can keep the group of friends limited. This feature will put to rest annoying Real Estate, Dry Cleaning, Exterminators or Gardening ads pushed through automated system to the users.wechat_Vs_whatsapp
  6. Direct Call from App: Though it is more of overkill for a messaging app to have a call feature. But this would be a feature which could take WhatsApp to a new level with apps like Skype. Already apps like Viber have a feature of IP calls. If WhatsApp is able to push this feature the calling feature will help the entire Unified Communication experience through the App itself.

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