Six Incredible Clipboard Managers To Boost Your Productivity

The copy and paste function in our computers and smartphones is a straightforward but vital function that keeps our work efficient and fast. Clipboard managers help to enhance the functionality of the copy and paste function. They help store the data you have copied so that you can extensively use it, even after pasting it. Before then, there used to be very few clipboards to choose from. Like other software, things have changed, and now we have many clipboard managers you can use to boost your productivity. We now have clipboard managers for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Here are six incredible clipboard managers for your windows device.

Comfort Clipboard

The comfort clipboard manager is one of the most used clipboard managers to make your office work more manageable. It helps to enhance your copied data, ready for use at your convenience. Some of its unique features include the ‘autosave’ feature, enabling you to recover your copied documents, even when your computer accidentally turns off. Other valuable options you can get from the clipboard pro version include hiding clipped passwords, editing text fragments, data encryption, and other benefits. Comfort clipboard also has an onscreen keyboard, which you can use on the Windows 10 version.  


ClipClip is also another best clipboard manager you can download on your Windows pc for free. With this type of clipboard manager, you will never lose focus on what you are working on. It is an ideal clipboard manager for everyone who uses the copy and paste note-taking-taking option on their computers. You can download ClipClip at for free and join other professionals across a multitude of industries in making your office work more manageable. Some of its best features include copying multiple items in your clipboard, extracting texts from images (OCR), synchronizing data to your cloud drive, translating clips to your preferred languages, and searching your clipboard history. ClipClip is more than a clipboard manager since it also works as a screen capture tool, a built-in editor, and other duties. 


ClipboardFusion is one of the best clipboard managers to use when extracting data from one application to another. It enables you to remove formatting, HTML tags, whitespace, and other details, leaving you with plain text. It also comes with a text replace feature, enabling you to replace text strings in a copied data. There are also different kinds of hotkeys, which allow you to work faster on your documents. Other functionalities include reviewing the copied image, working with HTML color codes, and also support all types of macros. You can also do clip synching, which is available on the clipboard’s paid version. The synching function enables you to sync your entries with other desktops or smartphones seamlessly. 


ShapeShifter is referred to as a clipboard extender rather than the clipboard manager. The reason for this is that it enhances your clipboard’s functionality. You don’t have to use new shortcuts with this clipboard manager but the existing CTRL+C and CTRL+V. ShapeShifter also supports many functions, including HTML, pictures, videos, text, and other files not supported by other clipboard managers. It is also simple to work with since you will be using the standard keyboard keys for cutting and pasting your data. You can also paste your data by selecting it in your copied entries in your clipboard.  

Ethervane Echo

Ethervane echo is among the oldest clipboard managers, which you can use to make your office work more straightforward. Although it lacks some advanced features, it is a good-to-go clipboard for someone who does the basic office work. Ethervane Echo doesn’t support non-text data, a prominent feature in most modern clipboards. However, it has a fast search tab that enables you to search quickly through your last copied and pasted data. The clipboard manager also has advanced filters, allowing you to filter your history according to name and time of use. The downside of this Ethervane manager is that it hasn’t been updated for a while, making it miss some modern clipboard features.


The ClipCube is another free clipboard manager which helps to make your office work easier. Despite being a clipboard manager, this tool can work as a note-taking app and has the best, appealing interface. You can use it to edit your previous entries and make changes before pasting them to another document. This clipboard manager doesn’t have many features but helps you to work efficiently.

The above are some of the best clipboard managers you can use to perform your copy and pasting and other various functions in your office or when working at home on your PC. Some of the above managers are free to download, while others need a subscription fee for their premium features. It is essential to check on your needs and ease of use of the clipboard before downloading it to your PC.