Six Tips to Help You Boost Visibility on TikTok

TikTok is a new social media giant that has experienced some seriously exponential growth in the last year. With a record-high number of users on the app, it’s a tough space to gain appreciable recognition and heightened visibility amongst both users and non-users. A younger user combined with the quick nature of the content makes for a cutthroat digital environment where it’s easy to get passed by and overlooked in favour of other options. It’s not all doom and gloom though! There are definitely strategies that have been proven to make a profile more visible and likely to stand out in the crowd. And if you need a little helping hand to improve social media engagement, do not hesitate to reach to a TikTok bot. According to The Small Business Blog, this can make a real difference to your growth. Read on for 6 tips to help you up to your game and become way more visible on the newly beloved app.

Good Looking Content

On an app like TikTok, becoming more visible is usually buoyed by the visual appeal of the content you are releasing. With such short content vignettes, it’s imperative that when someone does catch a glimpse of what you’ve released they want to keep watching. This can be achieved by mastering the tools of the app and making sure the filming locations you choose looks vibrant and pops. Great lighting, filming, and editing will all take your content from beginner to TikTok celebrity potential. Just remember- the better it looks, the more views it will get, the more people will want to see from you.

Interact With Successful TikTokers

With so many people putting out videos, visibility is not earned- it is commanded. However, to truly build a popular account and access the highest number of views possible, it is best to forge and utilize connections. This can be in the form of establishing relationships and collaborating with more popular TikTokers or dueting with TikTok stars within the platform. Interacting with proven TikTok users will also increase the chance of being involved in a viral video. No matter how you go about it, popularity begets popularity, and in this case, a little help from your friends will do much more than just help you get by.

Be Easily Identifiable

Making sure that you stand out online is an undeniable key to TikTok success and visibility. That’s why catchy graphics, great profile pictures, and distinguishable website URLs are all proven to boost the number of eyes viewing your newest content. Actions like customizing your TikTok website url will spark people’s memory of your page, and have them coming back and telling their friends about you. A smart and easy way to get people to your profile is using the new URL features to your advantage and ensure you are absolutely unmistakable.

Keep Up With the Trends

Trendsetting is the idea that someone does something fantastic and unique and others enthusiastically follow suit. A trendsetter can be adopting an existing style, or more often creating their own, with people eagerly responding and emulating them. The trouble with the concept of a trendsetter is, trendsetters need a pre-existing audience. That’s why when angling for a higher view count, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. In fact, hopping on a trend wave can do wonders for visibility. The viral nature of the content on TikTok means that people want to see variations of what the trend is at that current moment. Hopping into that algorithm also means hopping onto people’s screens, and ultimately get noticed.

Use Your Other Platforms

All roads lead back to Rome- or TikTok in this case- if you know how to incorporate other social media platforms into your strategy. Especially if you have a low follower count on TikTok, but more follows and higher engagement on other social media apps, using that to your advantage is a major must. Linking your TikTok on other social media platforms, and even posting full videos on grids, timelines, and stories will clue your existing fan base into the fact that you have a TikTok- and that you use it. Followers who have built an affinity for your personal brand already will be much more interested in any additional content that you create. User loyalty exists just like brand loyalty does, except that it can be even stronger. Make sure the people who have taken the time to interact with your online presence are familiar with all of your accounts.

Be Consistent

The last, but not the least important, tip that should be considered when dealing with TikTok or any social media is consistency. Posting every day, sometimes multiple times a day is a strong route to success and increased visibility through sheer numbers. The more you post, the more likely you’ll be seen. The same way actors who book more roles are more recognizable, the more content you have on TikTok will increase your viewing potential and therefore how visible you are on the app. Plus, TikTok users look for accounts with lots of content to follow- which will increase overall video views on the site.

Nobody likes putting in work, only to realize that no one has even noticed what they’ve done. User-generated content on apps like TikTok can easily be ignored or go virtually unseen if the right strategies aren’t put into place. With a little finessing, TikTok users can go from invisible to blowing up teen screens. Focusing on content, presentation, engagement on the app, and technical differentiation can give you the boost you might be looking for. With any luck, these tips will help build your profile and amass more views than you ever thought possible.

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