Six Useful Tips On How To Unlock And Remove iCloud Activation Lock

Do you have an iPhone that is locked by the iCloud Activation Lock? If yes, then this post is for you. There are many reasons to remove the iCloud activation lock from your device, and we’re going to give you 6 quick and easy ways to unlock and remove the iCloud activation lock from your device. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to do it quickly within a few minutes!

1. Use the iCloud Bypass Code

If you know or have the Unlock Code for your iPhone then enter it into the phone and turn on Airplane mode. Doing this will bypass the iCloud Activation Lock screen so that you can use your iOS device. You may also need an Apple ID password at this point, so input that too. When all is said and done, you’re ready to set up your iPhone as a new one! Just remember that this tip requires an Unlock Code.

Double-check if one works by searching online for “[Device Model] Unlock”. If there’s no Unlock Code available but serviceable IMEI or certain other unlocks do work then that should be a clue that using Unlock Code services is worth the money.

2. Seek Professional Unlock Service

If you’ve tried all you could to get your iPhone unlocked without success, then there’s nothing wrong with turning to professional Unlock Services. Using their specialized software and hardware, they can quickly and safely remove iCloud Activation Lock from any iPhone, regardless of what Apple ID was used to lock it in the first place.

The high demand for Unlocking services has led to innovators who specialize in doing it on almost every type of mobile device available today. Although you may also need to pay a small fee for the service, depending on the company you choose. It’s best to make sure to learn more about the process of unlocking an iPhone. Read all about how much their service costs before hiring a particular service so that there are no unpleasant surprises. You’ll usually have to provide proof of purchase or receipt (if applicable), along with your IMEI Number, and details about which iPhone Model you use.

3. Use Apple ID Password

There are some ways to try and get into an iCloud-locked iPhone without paying anything at all. This tip approaches unlocking the iPhone from an angle that many have never considered before, and it is quite simple, which is to get into a locked iPhone with your Apple ID password (if you can.)

It’s possible that if you have access to another computer or iOS device then you may be able to sign in with your Apple ID and password on them. This process will still work even if iCloud has been turned off. It may also be able to open iPhones that are stuck in Recovery Mode.

4. Try Unlocking App or Software

If you can’t open your device by using your Apple ID and password then the Unlock Code may be the only way left to get into a locked iPhone. Depending on your phone’s model, you may need a different Unlock Software or Unlock Device. If you have a newer device, this guide will be rare, but it is worth checking if the Unlock Service can unlock your device model as well.

These programs will require an IMEI number for them to work, so make sure to check that it is compatible before purchasing one of these Unlocking Programs. Try to search for “[Device Model] Unlock” online to get a good idea about how the program would work. 

5. Use Another iOS Device Or Computer

Sometimes an iPhone can become disabled for a number of reasons. If your phone has been locked with an unknown passcode, instead of using the Apple ID Lock mentioned earlier in this article, then these tips will be worth trying out too! The first method uses a computer download Unlock tool that doesn’t have Unlocking software of its own. Instead, it requires you to download the Unlock Utility manually then plug in your device, and let the computer unlock it for you!

6. Contact Apple Support

If all of these tips do not work for you, or if they simply aren’t available due to your particular situation or iOS version, then consider contacting Apple Support directly by phone or through their website. There are a few different things Apple may ask from you in response to your request, but you will generally need a copy of the receipt for the device that you’d like to unlock.

Aside from the tips we mentioned above to regain access to your iPhone, you may also need to provide proof of ownership, such as a photo or screenshots from iCloud showing the device in question. If Apple Support believes that your account was indeed locked by mistake, then they may Unlock the unit on your behalf!

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